With Kenyans’ lifestyles changing daily, brand managers have been wagging their tongues not knowing what Kenyans will demand next. The ever-changing business trends have seen Kenyans opting to do their businesses online, saving them travelling time and other unforeseen challenges that may emanate from visiting  shopping malls.

“Kenyans are increasingly going online with commercial intentions which include comparing prices of goods, and researching where products or services can be purchased,” said Mr Kizito Mokua, the E-Commerce Kenya Conference producer.

The e-commerce ecosystem will be a major topic of discussion on March 19 and 20 this year when all global players in the e-commerce industry will convene at Safari Park Hotel for a two-day conference to understand the business climate and predict what consumers may demand next.

“Delegates will seek to understand the Kenyan consumer who is often described as peculiar, how to customise communications for the e- commerce consumer and delivering consistent quality,” noted Mr Mokua.

Mr Mokua said Kenya’s growing middle class is driving consumer demand and in turn, the e-commerce industry on the continent. As a result, retailers need to ask themselves if they are ready for this ‘new’ and evolving client base. “Retailers will now have to meet the demand of transporting products to individual clients. Retailers who don’t pay attention to an agile supply chain system will close shop,” said Mr Mokua.

Mr Mokua said successful companies have re-designed their systems to ensure that their supply chains are consumer sensitive. Google has predicted a massive e-commerce market will emerge in Africa by 2017 as the continent becomes more familiar with technological advances but entrepreneurs need to be ready for emerging opportunities.


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