All Saints Cathedral Provost Reverend Canon Sammy Wainaina during an interview with Spice FM on Tuesday. He built on his criticism of the Kenyan political class and claimed politicians issue church leaders with bounced cheques for political mileage.

All Saints Cathedral Provost Reverend Canon Sammy Wainaina on Tuesday continued with his criticism of the Kenyan political class over t***t of public funds, heightened political temperatures and the use of money as a political tool in churches that has led to question over gatekeeping of the altar by the clergy.

In an interview with Spice FM on Tuesday morning, the Reverend built on his a****k on President Uhuru Kenyatta last week when he b*****d the Head of State for disclosing that Ksh2 billion is stolen from government coffers on a daily basis.

Speaking during the interview, Reverend Wainaina claimed that politicians knowingly issue church leaders with bouncing cheques under the full glare of the cameras for political mileage with money increasingly becoming a powerful political tool.

“By the way and this I can prove, most of them give bouncing cheques. Some have issued cheques and later sent their assistants to collect them saying mheshimiwa will bring it in cash. Politicians have their agenda. and their agenda is to capitalise on every opportunity to spread their gospel and to loot this country,” said Reverend Wainaina.

The reverend further dismissed the notion that because he comes from the Kikuyu community like President Kenyatta he is not supposed to criticise the Head of State.

“Because I am a Wainaina people expect me not to talk about the president. The president is there to serve all Kenyans. Therefore when I challenge the president, I am only challenging the presidency. I am challenging the president not to just give us information, tell us what are you doing after that,” he said.

“We have become a nation of t*****s. The only thing we lack is an opportunity to s***l. I quoted someone and I think I did not plagiarise. I said Mr President,” he added.

He also did not mince his words while criticising the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) which he dismissed as a document tailored to suit the political interests of a few people.

“The BBI has good but it also has bad which can be improved to become good through an objective discussion. You cannot tell me to swallow the whole thing because it has some good things. It also has some p****n which will k**l,” he said, “Let me tell you this, the way BBI was muted was actually wrong. It is about two people. It is actually a political document and even when it came out we were told that the only people who can alter the document are the principals. The document should have come to the people. It is actually a political document,”

“The taxpayer who is you and me, we sacrifice so much but it benefits only a few people at the top. The document wants to increase the powers of the president when we ought to be reducing it an empowering the counties eve further,” he quipped.

While he identified the problem, he also fronted a solution to his fellow clergymen.

“So what I was telling my fellow clergy and church leaders is that this is wrong. That is your space, that is your domain stop. I thought I needed to correct a bad impression that the church survives on politicians,”

“What we lack in Kenya are not principles. We lack values. We believe in hard work that brings wealth that is a principle that is universal and timeless. However we as Kenyans have become a nation of t*****s. All of us are busy looking for opportunities to make wealth. It is even sadder when Christians call such things blessings or breakthroughs,”

He added his next course of action is to play his part in making sure that politicking at funerals which has widely been criticized comes to an end.

“Next Sunday I will talk about funerals. How can I come to console with you and I come to politic so why did you come?” he posed

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  1. I’m so much with this reverend. The church has been defiled for far too long and this has been perpetuated by the clergy . However i need to know if he’s attacking the politicians due to bounced cheques or he is genuine! If he’s genuine, then all the rest of the clergy need to borrow a leaf.


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