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Luhya Tycoon Who Offered To Pay Teachers Salaries Started Off With Only Sh38

The story of Ibrahim Ambwere, which borders on folklore, has been retold over the years. This is a man who rose from humble background, defying initial odds, to become one of the Kenya's Wealthiest businessmen.

Atheists In Kenya President’s Provocative Views On Marriage And Evil

Harrison Mumia resorted to science, which he says gave him more convincing answers that led him to become an atheist, or simply a person who does not believe in the existence of a god or any gods.

Rugby Legend Collins Injera’s Wealth Headed To One Billion Shilling Mark

Collins Injera, the former national rugby team Shujaa star, now 37 years, is among the richest sportsmen in Kenya.

Cyprian Nyakundi: University Dropout Giving CEOs Sleepless Nights

Cyprian Nyakundi: The self-made digital journalist with a huge following social has a nose for scandal – and when he finds one, he can be unforgiving.

Inside Ababu Namwamba’s Multi-Million Resort

Namwamba is the owner of Che's Bay Beach Resort, a picturesque hotel that sits between Singwe and Mwita Fubu Hills in Busia county on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Sad Story Of a Pilot In USA To Garbage Collector In Kilifi

One story of Samuel Mwawato Mwavita is nothing short of emotional, evoking a tenor of empathy to the point of tears.

Bob Collymore Immortalized in New Festival

The late Collymore was famous for his love for jazz and even initiated the Safaricom Jazz Festival, which saw several of the world's biggest Jazz artists perform in Nairobi.

How a New Name Has Changed Fortunes For Mark Masai

Many who have come to know Mark Masai barely know that this is not his birth name. At some point, he changed his name to fit into the system.
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