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Emirates Recruiting Thousands Of Cabin Crew And Airport Staff

Emirates has gradually restored its network operations in line with the easing of travel restrictions around the world, and over the past months, it has been recalling pilots, cabin crew and other operational employees who were stood down when the pandemic forced a drastic reduction in flights last year.

Top World Business Schools To Meet Aspiring Leaders in Kenya

Top World Business Schools: For 17 years Access MBA has been bringing together ambitious professionals and top-ranked and accredited business schools from around the...

Outgoing Professor Leaves Ksh109M Parting Gift for University

Dr. Mutunga lauded Professor Zeleza for leaving an indelible mark on the history of the University.

Leadership And Dealing With Grief in the Workplace

As much as we all want things at work to just return to the way things were, they won’t. Trust that your staff are trying their hardest, and be flexible and generous in helping them thrive during these unprecedented times.

Prof Freida Brown Returns to USIU as Vice-Chancellor in Interim Capacity

"The global search for a new Vice Chancellor is expected to be an extremely intense process and is anticipated to last approximately 6 to 9 months. We will do our best to have new leadership on board as early as possible in 2022,” Mr Senanu said. 

Improve Your Househelp’s Life With These 4 Tips

According to our survey, 95% of Kenyan domestic workers have cleaning as the primary role. But there’s also a good chance that they might be looking for another form of income. Speak to your domestic worker to see what she needs to progress her career. It may be a driver’s licence, so you could give lessons, or it could be sending her on a course in childcare, first-aid, or cooking.

Employee Wellness Top Of Mind In The Post-COVID World

Employee Wellness: No business leader would have predicted that this era in history would bring with it a pandemic, economic turmoil, international employment crisis...

Two Female Drivers Share Their Success Stories At Uber

Women are known for their ability to juggle many activities. With the Uber business model, women can tackle their tasks with ease as they are in control of their schedules. Not only has Uber created a platform for a new breed of entrepreneurs but it is gender-inclusive with their offering, therefore, contributing ultimately to the empowerment of women in Kenya, and across the African region.

How Youth Can Remain Competitive in Today’s Job Market

Notably, a specific formula does not define personal success. This makes an individual’s goals and priorities have considerably unique impacts on their varying interest. Nonetheless, there are crucial elements of personal growth that can be applicable despite the distinct differences in goals and priorities. 

Gitari Named KAA MD Ending Chaotic Two-Year Search

The situation exposed boardroom struggles pitting ministry of transport officials and KAA board members, with reports of intense lobbying by individuals to have their preferred candidates installed.