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Career Bootcamp Links Mid-Level Professionals With Jobs

Venture for Africa teams up with Africa Product Peers to launch a career transitions bootcamp for mid-career tech professionals

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Venture for Africa, a leading talent placement and acceleration firm, on 22nd April 2024, announced a strategic partnership with Africa Product Peers, a community of African professionals in product, design and tech roles. The firms are launching a career bootcamp for mid-level professionals in Africa.

This initiative will provide key job search skills and networking opportunities, with interactive sessions led by experienced career coaches. It also includes practical strategies research, all aimed at helping participants navigate the competitive tech industry.

Statistics show that job seekers typically need to submit hundreds of applications to secure a successful role and that mid-career professionals, in particular, face common hurdles like limited access to expert guidance and networking opportunities that are more readily available for those just beginning their careers. As a result, many find the journey to finding the right role overwhelming.

Recognising these challenges, Venture for Africa and Africa Product Peers are joining forces to offer an exclusive career bootcamp, tailored for mid-career professionals with three to eight years of experience. Venture for Africa has experience in placing mid-senior talent and running successful role-specific bootcamps, while Africa Product Peers has a record in building a leading tech community in Kenya with prior success supporting their members with job placements.

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The combination will equip participants with the skills, support, and network connections needed to thrive in the competitive tech landscape. The bootcamp will offer interactive sessions with career coaches, group discussions with fellow job seekers, and access to a comprehensive course platform for tracking progress and completing assignments.

Participants will benefit from strategies for crafting high-quality applications, navigating high-volume job searches, and excelling in interviews using unique methods researched and adapted to the startup ecosystem by VFA and APP.

The course will begin with a live in-person workshop on the 27th April in Nairobi, Kenya, which will serve as a teaser for the full-scale bootcamp, with insights from tech recruiters, hiring managers and industry professionals. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, gain strategic insights, and explore the diverse opportunities available within the African startup ecosystem.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Venture for Africa on this initiative,” said Lemuel Abishua, Co-founder of Africa Product Peers. “Our mission has always been to empower the next generation of product leaders in Africa. This partnership allows us to extend that mission to mid-career professionals seeking to unlock their full potential.”

Abishua said in 2023, Africa Product Peers helped senior tech professionals in its ecosystem transition into new roles at leading tech startups and large tech companies.

“At Venture for Africa, we’re passionate about empowering professionals to thrive in the dynamic African tech ecosystem,” said Tobi Lafinhan, CEO and Co-founder of Venture for Africa. “Our goal is to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity within the African startup ecosystem.”

Amidst the backdrop of recent layoffs and a slowdown in funding within the African tech ecosystem, growth has persisted. In these challenging times, they say, initiatives like the career bootcamp can equip professionals with the tools to navigate, adapt, and seize opportunities within the shifting landscape, reinforcing the capacity of individuals to thrive even in a dynamic environment.

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Bill Yaura is a Correspondent for Business Today. He can be reached on email: [email protected]
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