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EABL’s Million-Dollar Opportunity as Tusker Hunts Continental Glory

Tusker has the added advantage of having its flagship brand front and centre. It is already one of Africa's most famous beers. By becoming Champions League regulars or having a great run in the competition, the Tusker brand could easily be etched in the minds of fans across a football-mad continent.

New Govt Portal to Process All Public Tenders – Gamechanger or Liability?

The jury remains out on whether the introduction of the e-procurement system will be able to put a dent in the country's high-powered corruption and mismanagement of public funds

It’s Not Alright, Mr Ruto. What Happened To You Is Wrong!

There’s something certainly fishy about the DP’s dalliance with Museveni. But there’s also something seriously wrong when the counterattack is done to embarrass the second in command. It could be politics, yes, but let it done to the DP as it is done to the President. After all, they both own this Jubilee Government.

EDITORIAL: To Safeguard Livelihoods, Unlock Sports and Entertainment in Kenya

The stringent measures announced on March 26 by President Uhuru Kenyatta as part of the country's efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19 have...

Medical Tourism: Dignitaries Admitted in Kenya Reveal Multi-Billion Opportunity

While Kenya's public health system is weighed down by corruption, inadequate funding, mismanagement and labour disputes - its private facilities seem to be fairing much better. Ensuring that the country's health facilities - both private and public - meet the highest international standards would open up a multi-billion shilling medical tourism industry in the country.

Covid-19 Vaccine: Why Kenya’s Sex Workers Should be First in Line

Kenya needs to consider the welfare of sex workers even as it rolls out Covid-19 vaccination in hospitals across the country. Not only did Covid-19 threaten their livelihoods but it also exposed them to poor health outcomes.

Youth Must Get Their Hands Dirty to Dig Out Millions

With the rising world’s population and increased mass consumption, there is a greater need for youth to venture into agriculture

Low-Cost Capital Needed to Fund Affordable Housing

According to the World Bank, approximately 56.0% of the Kenyan urban population live in slums and poor quality housing in rural areas.
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