Binance Makes Cryptocurrency More Accessible With Crypto Price Widget

Binance has announced the introduction of the Binance Crypto Price Widget as part of its ongoing effort to make cryptocurrency trading both more accessible and more widely understood. The Binance Crypto Price widget is an easy to install, easily integrated tool that provides value...

5 Things to Consider When Building Your Crypto Portfolio

If you were making your first foray into traditional investment, you’d take care to research all the assets that took your interest; you’d think carefully about how much risk you are prepared to carry, and you’d probably ask an expert for guidance.

Crypto Taxes in New Bill: What Kenyan Holders Should Know

Mosop Member of Parliament Abraham Kipsang Kirwa has introduced a new bill that could redefine the cryptocurrency landscape in Kenya.

Dennis Itumbi Brags About His Bitcoin Millions After Being Hacked

Mr Dennis Itumbi, who has been nominated by President William Ruto for the position of Cabinet Administrative Secretary (CAS) in the Ministry of ICT and Digital Economy, disclosed the hackers could be related to digital currency.

NFTs vs Cryptocurrency: Which Is The Best?

Though new, NFTs have gained much attention from the public, leading to many terms being used about NFTs that are not used elsewhere.

Why Law Firms Are Integrating Bitcoin And Blockchain

Lawyers are constantly handling transactions with people and entities in other parts of the world