EDITORIAL: To Safeguard Livelihoods, Unlock Sports and Entertainment in Kenya

    The stringent measures announced on March 26 by President Uhuru Kenyatta as part of the country's efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19 have had major ramifications on individuals and households. Few industries have been worse hit than sports and entertainment - which sustain the livelihoods of millions of Kenyans, many of them youth. Suspension of...

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    OPPO Reno5 Named the Official Smartphone Partner of PUBG MOBILE

    The OPPO Reno5 features remarkable power and speed setups, plus the best-in-class audio and visual display to offer unprecedented MOBILE gaming experience.

    EDITORIAL: To Safeguard Livelihoods, Unlock Sports and Entertainment in Kenya

    The stringent measures announced on March 26 by President Uhuru Kenyatta as part of the country's efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19 have...

    Why Bread Suddenly Got More Expensive for Kenyans

    Bakers had initially attempted to raise prices by Ksh5 to Ksh8 in January, but the move was reversed due to competition from supermarkets which maintained lower prices on their in-house bread brands.

    Uber, Bolt Drivers to Switch Off and Delete Apps in Protest

    Taxi drivers are complaining that many of them have found it difficult to stay afloat as a result of the changes, particularly those servicing commercial loans for their vehicles.

    5 Things To Know Before Buying CBD Products

    CBD products can help you treat all kinds of issues, starting with pain and going as far as assisting in cancer treatment. Then, there’s also the fact that these act as supplements and healthy individuals use them to boost their general well-being. In short, these products undeniably come with great benefits, including those listed on this website, and people don’t want to miss out on them. There are things that you don’t, but should, know when it comes to buying CBD products. You shouldn’t buy these products just anywhere.

    Sub Saharan Africa Mergers and Acquisition transactions totalled US$ 6.1 billion in Q1 2021

    M&A involving a Sub-Saharan African target increased 73% year-on-year to US$4.3 billion during the first quarter of 2021.  Domestic deals increased 67% from last year to US$2.5 billion, while inbound deals, involving an acquiror outside of Sub-Saharan Africa, increased 83% to US$1.8 billion.

    Absa Rolls Out Tap-to-Pay Solution

    Other than speed and convenience, the Absa contactless cards use the same secure technology as traditional Chip and PIN. A customer can perform a maximum of 4 contactless transactions without keying in their PIN per day after which they will be automatically asked for a PIN for any other contactless transactions.

    How Tech Firms Can Reverse Talent Drain in Rural Communities

    By Andrew Bourne, Regional Manager, Africa, Zoho Corporation For decades, companies, especially tech providers, have followed a certain operational pattern. They start out in a...

    KDF Moves to Stop Privatization of Kenya Meat Commission

    The Privatization Commission confirmed receipt of a letter from the Ministry of Defence asking for the removal of KMC from the list of parastatals approved by the Cabinet for sale. The KDF is expected to inject cash into the struggling parastatal after the Treasury allocated Ksh4 billion under a supplementary budget.

    Airtel Faces Deadline to Sell 30% Stake to Kenyans

    Airtel Kenya was in 2013 granted the exemption from the local ownership rule without a defined period for compliance. This allowed billionaire investor and Kencell founder Naushad Merali to sell a large portion of his stake in the business without breaking any rules.

    Interviews for New Chief Justice Kick Off at Supreme Court

    The Commission will interview the shortlisted persons before recommending a candidate for appointment by the President subject to approval by the National Assembly as provided for under Article 166 (1) of the Constitution.

    Beat Deadline by Filing Tax Returns on New KRA M-Service App and iTax

    January 1st, 2021 marked the beginning of the tax return filing season for the 2020 year of income. All annual tax returns for the year 2020 for individuals and for entities with a December year end should be submitted online through the iTax platform on or before 30th June 2021.

    Prince Philip Death: Guns To Mark Passing of The Duke of Edinburgh

    From midday on Saturday, a 41-gun salute will take place for Prince Philip in cities including London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, as well as in Gibraltar and at sea from Royal Navy warships, the Ministry of Defence said. They will be broadcast online and on television for the public to watch from home.

    Award-Winning Rwandan Film ‘The 600’ Premiers in Kenya

    “The 600: The Soldiers’ Story is an important and inspirational Film, that not only honours self-sacrifice and courage, but also honours the memory of those who died during the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994,” says its Hollywood Writer & Producer, Richard Hall. “It also makes a connection between the RPA soldiers, and the civilians they were trying to protect, in one of the most desperate military missions of all time, in stopping this Genocide.”

    Banks, Safaricom Share Prices Fall But Market Turnover Grows

    The equity market closed the week with 62 million shares valued at Ksh2 billion against 85 million shares valued at Ksh3 billion transacted the previous week. Turnover today rose to Ksh466 million from Ksh458M posted yesterday, the number of shares traded stood at 14.9 million against 15 million posted the previous session.

    SuperSport Bags 2022 FIFA World Cup Pay TV rights

    All 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022™, to be held in Qatar, will be broadcast live on SuperSport after the World of Champions...

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