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2023 Is 1995: Repeat Calendar Stirs Excitement And Nostalgia Among Kenyans

The rather interesting information that the 2023 calendar is the same as that of 1995 has stirred excitement among some Kenyans on Facebook.

The Only ‘Mad Woman’ Who Defied Moi

Even Moi, with all the power, could not tame her in what became a battle of the titans.

A 1930 Ford Model Wins CBA’s Classic Cars Competition

John Wroe's 1930 Ford Model A won the 2019 CBA Concours d'Elegance following brilliant displays at the Nairobi Racecourse. The CBA Africa Concours d’Elegance is...

The menace of making a reverse call back in the day

Just hearing the mention of the word reverse calls strikes nostalgic memories, both good and bad. The unique thing about memories is that even...

February and its 28 days: The story behind shortest month of the year

February, the shortest month of the year, has gone by in a flash. It is such a unique month as it features Valentine’s Day,...
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