Hakeenah N. Njenga

Kenya is my home and its development and growth my motivation. I have a pen and a story to tell about why #KenyaIsMagical. Do you have a tip? We can showcase Kenya together since there is no place like home. Reach me at [email protected]

Mr President, We Don’t Trust You to Help Kenyans

Many well-wishers feel that the government is seeking to profiteer from the calamity.

Locally Made Ventilators, PPEs as Government Turns to Kenyans

Demand for medical equipment has surged worldwide making it difficult to procure them due to the covid-19 coronavirus.

Kenya’s Bravest Paraplegic Says Walking is Overrated

Kirwa says he had to push himself and believe beyond doubt that no situation is permanent.

Kagwe Hands Kenyan Youth a Dying Nation

It is the responsibility of the youth to secure the nation

Cash is Still King in the Markets Despite Coronavirus Spread

One of the vendors at the market who sells vegetables said that she could not accept mobile money payments since buyers are conning her.

This Decade of Healthy Aging Hasn’t Started so Well

Healthy aging spans the life-course and is relevant to everyone

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