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What To Expect When You Settle Debts

Managing Debt: Until you learned about debt settlement, you had zero idea what you were going to do to relieve yourself of all that...

Family Bank To Raise Sh8 Billion To Power Growth

Family Bank targets to raise Ksh4 billion in its first tranche with the balance to be raised within the next five years in various tranches/series. “We are positioning the bank for the second phase of growth as per our 2020-2024 strategy anchored on growth and stability of the bank," says Family Bank CEO Rebecca Mbithi. The banks wants to strengthen its capital base to support lending to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and heavily invest in technology infrastructure while diversifying its products.

Saving For Your Child’s Education Is As Easy As ABC

Simply put, although getting a good education is much easier today, one cannot ignore the cost. A carefully designed education policy presents a solution to any parent or guardian with big dreams for their children. Contrary to what some people believe, having an education policy that works for you is easy. A good insurer will take the time to understand the parent’s expectation and work out a plan that will best suit the parent, and ultimately realise that dream.

CMA Gives The Greenlight To Masaru Unit Trust Fund

The Board of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) has granted approval to Synesis Capital Limited to register Masaru Unit Trust Fund as a Collective ...

Jobless And Broke, Retirees Are Turning To Loans

The negative economic effects of Covid-19 have seen many retired Kenyans turn to loans to meet their personal needs, support families and pay for...

Mwananchi Relaxes Terms For Logbook Loans To Broaden Credit Access

Logbook loans: In an unprecedented move, Mwananchi Credit Ltd has relaxed specific terms to broaden the scope of those who qualify for credit under...

Three Great Ways To Make Money Online

However, if you are more business inclined, you will know that opportunities abound on the internet. It is possible to make some serious money just by sitting behind your computer screen and tapping a few buttons. There are a number of money-making activities online, and here are three ways you can tap into the great financial potentials of the internet.

Which Non-Recourse Factoring Provider Should You Choose?

All business owners rely upon getting paid on time. Typically, after providing a service, your business sends out an invoice for payments. However, waiting...

Interview: DukaTech Takes on eCommerce With Tech Supplies Shop

Asked what differentiates them from other online tech stores, DukaTech defined their unique selling point as their quality products, unrivalled customer experience, a desire to continually improve and their business model. Starting small, the store has been on the up and currently employs 10 staff members.

How To Allocate Funds For Successful Long Term Investing

Are you unsure of how to divide your funds in the safest way to get good returns? Or you are asking what best strategy...