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Exceptional Brands That Have Earned Kenyans’ Loyalty in Q3 2021

Ajua’s Quarter 3 Customer Loyalty Benchmark Report has revealed some of Kenya’s most exceptional brands in nine sectors spanning from banking to healthcare. According to...

40PC Of HACO Industries Operations Now Powered By Solar

HACO Industries Kenya Limited has announced that part of the operations at its facility in Kasarani, Nairobi is now powered by solar PV technology,...

Trading Platforms Tools for Advanced Traders

Technical analysis is an integral part of successful Forex, stock exchange, and futures trading. With its help, each trader can identify various trends, determine...

Family Bank Unveils Prepaid Cards Targeting Business Community Trading With The...

Family Bank has unveiled a series of prepaid cards targeting, among others, the youth and traders in the e-commerce trade with China allowing customers...

Inside The Amazing World Of Co-op Bank Internet Banking

Internet banking enables individual customers, business owners, corporate companies and institutions to carry out various transactions and monitor their bank accounts through the internet. It comes with effective security layers to log in to ensure only the authentic customer has access to the account.

Kenya’s Richest Student: 21-Year-Old Holding Sh102M In The Bank

The Assets Recovery Agency is seeking to freeze the bank account owned by the Nairobi Technical Training Institute student, Ms Felesta Nyamathira Njoroge, amid concerns that the cash could be proceeds of crimé.

CBK Takes Baby Steps Towards Launch Of a Digital Currency

The Central Bank of Kenya Governor, Dr Patrick Njoroge, says CBDCs can slash the time needed for cross border payments in addition to cutting costs significantly.

CBK Takes a Bold Step To Save Kenyans From CRB Listing

The CBK suspension directive, issued today 8th November 2021, applies to loans below Ksh5 million that were performing previously, but have become non-performing from 1st October 2021.

CDC Group To Invest £3 Billion To Combat Climate E*******y

CDC Group, the UK’s development finance institution and impact investor, is set to invest over £3 billion (Ksh456 billion) to support emerging economies in...

Sh11B EABL Bond Begins Trading At The NSE

EABL announced on that note was oversubscribed by 245% during the offer period between October 6-21, with a bulk of investors at 68% being corporate investors. “The more encouraging aspect of this issue is that it was embraced by an impressive mix of individual and corporate investors. Individual and retail investors comprised 32% of applicants while institutional investors covered the rest,” said Ms Karuku.