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Kenya FX Code: CBK Swings Into Action To Calm Forex Markets

The Kenya FX Code sets out standards for commercial banks, and aims to strengthen and promote the integrity and effective functioning of the wholesale foreign exchange (FX) market in Kenya.

How Can You Access Online Trading From Kenya?

The primary way to access online trading from Kenya is through advanced trading and charting platform software that can provide you with uninterrupted price data.

How To Upgrade To New eTIMS VAT Payment System

To enhance compliance and make it easier for thousands of business people to manage their VAT collection and payment, Kenya Revenue Authority introduced the Tax Invoice Management System (TIMS).

Currency Volatility: Will a Strong US Dollar Return?

The US dollar’s outlook is increasingly uncertain as the global economy continues to suffer from the effects of trade wars and the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Can Sure Bet Predictions Help Increase Your Chances

To make winning more likely, top betting companies offer sure bet prediction tools and apps.

The 8 Most Popular Sports To Bet On In The World

Here we will explore the 8 most popular sports to bet on around the world and how to get started with betting online.

Kenya Shilling Seen To Sink Further To 130 Against The Dollar

The Kenya shilling set to continue losing value to the dollar as the US Federal Reserve raises rates by 0.25% to reach 4.75% while the Central Bank of Kenya keeps rates steady at 8.75%.

What is Cash Out Gamblíng and How Does It Work?

Cash out is the process of cashing out your winnings from a bet or game, whether it be slots, sports betting, or other forms of gaming.

Manage Children’s Pocket Money Using Co-op Prepaid Card

Co-op Bank introduced the Co-op Prepaid Card, which students can use to shop at the school canteen.

Sending Money: Safety Tips For Digital Transactions In Kenya

Online safety and security will continue being an important topic as scammers and hackers grow more sophisticated and crafty.