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Crafting The Year Ahead: The Power Of 10 In Personal Branding, Goal Setting

The beginning of a new year is an opportune time for reflection on the past and the setting of goals for the year ahead. Many...

Life-Changing Lessons the Story of Jesus Teaches Us

Christmas serves as an annual reminder of the timeless truths embedded in the story of Jesus, inspiring individuals to embody these virtues throughout the year.

6 Things Wealthy People Do To Plan For Retirement

By Albanus Muthoka Retirement planning can seem complicated but at its core is consistency and a clear long-term vision. While many believe that constructing a...

Exam Preparation: How to Pass Your KCSE 2023

After about 15 years in basic formal education, which entails around three years in kindergarten, eight in primary school level, and four in secondary...

Kenya’s Ksh2 Billion Footballer: Joseph Okumu’s Inspiring Rise

His inspiring story has seen him go from coming up as a Kakamega High School football star in Western Kenya to playing in South Africa, the United States, Belgium and, now, France all while overcoming major obstacles along the way.

James Mwangi: Mum’s 5 Lessons That Inspired Equity Into Multi-Billion Banking Empire

Dr James Mwangi associated his lifetime achievement as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and leader to the influence of his upbringing, a mother’s inspiration and circumstances and situation.

Lunch M-Pesa That Paved a Watchman’s Way Into Journalism

When 22-year-old Isaya Wanjala Bwabi met veteran journalist Alex Chamwada for the first time two years ago, he had just been posted as a...

New Spotify EQUAL Artist Qing Madi Talks Music and Dreams

Heavily influenced by her cultural background and the lyrical arrangements of Kendrick Lamar, the versatile Nigerian prodigy is shaping the future of music with her unique genre-bending fusion of Afrobeats, Pop, Soul and R&B.
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