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James Mwangi: Mum’s 5 Lessons That Inspired Equity Into Multi-Billion Banking Empire

After winning Lifetime Achievement Award, Dr Jame Mwangi attributed the success to his upbringing

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Dr James Mwangi, Equity Group CEO and Managing Director, was on 10th July recognized and awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the All-Africa Business Leaders Awards held in South Africa by the Africa Business News, the owners of CNBC Africa and Forbes Africa.

The All-Africa Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to individuals who have made remarkable impact on their industry, country and the continent over a period of a lifetime.

The All-Africa Business Leaders Awards judges identified a leader with exceptional character, someone who has contributed to business growth, education and has used his own family fortune to build one of the largest support programmes for educating orphans in Africa.

In his acceptance speech, Dr Mwangi associated his lifetime achievement as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and leader to the influence of his upbringing, a mother’s inspiration and circumstances and situation. This is what he said:

“Being brought up by a widowed mother, the late Grace, taught me not to be left behind while others were going to school or church hence Equity’s inclusion strategy to ensure nobody was left behind.

She taught me that I had no father to protect me but emphasized that I would not need protection if I did things the right way – hence the strong effective corporate governance at Equity.

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My mother taught me not to eat to my fill but to ensure each of my siblings were given a fair and equitable share, hence Equity’s philosophy of shared prosperity and the role of Equity Group Foundation.

She taught me the place of values, humanity and hence the strong purpose of Equity in changing lives, giving dignity, and expanding opportunities for wealth creation.

My mother taught me the value of entrepreneurship, commerce, and trade in fending for myself by selling and vending charcoal, fruits, milk and eventually tea – hence Equity’s strong entrepreneurial culture, strong performance culture and exceptional support for traders, farmers and entrepreneurs and giving back through financial literacy and entrepreneurship training in the real economy of Agriculture and Enterprise.”

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Dr James Mwangi recognized the role of the over 13,000 staff members of Equity Group, a passionate management team, a committed Board of Directors, Shareholders, and a supportive customer base of over 18 million members.

Dr Mwangi dedicated the Lifetime Achievement Award to all African mothers and women who like his own mother nurture, inspire, mentor, influence, and shape children to respond and adapt to their circumstances, setting them up for a lifetime of contribution and impact.

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