M-PESA Increases Account And Daily Transaction Limits

The higher M-Pesa account limit will be effective from Tuesday 15th August 2023 for all M-PESA customers. 

Safaricom Raises M-Pesa Charges, Call Rates

The announcement by Safaricom comes a day after the Court of Appeal lifted an order issued in July suspending the implementation of the controversial act.

Milestone For Safaricom As M-Pesa Enters Market With 200 Million People

Safaricom has announced a partnership with TerraPay (Mobex Kenya), empowering more than 32 million M-PESA customers to send and receive money to more than 200 million people across Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Fuliza Ya Biashara: Everything You Need To Know

Safaricom has partnered with KCB Bank Kenya to launch Fuliza ya Biashara, an overdraft facility that allows extension of credit to business owners with M-Pesa Business tills.

Safaricom Granted License To Operate M-Pesa In Ethiopia

Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia has officially been granted the license to operate mobile money services in Ethiopia. The licence comes seven months after the commercial launch of GSM services. The M-Pesa license will open the country to the world’s largest mobile payment system and Africa’s largest...

HELB To Disburse Loans to M-PESA

Safaricom and the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) have today announced a partnership launching the HELB Mobile Wallet and HELB M-Pesa Mini App. The HELB Mobile Wallet will empower students to receive the upkeep portion of their student loans direct to their M-Pesa account. In...