Cloud Is The New Driver For Business Efficiency And Resilience

The ability to adapt to the new world of work and the additional challenges that lie ahead will be the defining for those who...

OPINION: The Unnecessariness of Taxes

In money creation, the lens the government perceives taxes changes. The question of where to find money becomes the easiest question to answer.

EABL’s Million-Dollar Opportunity as Tusker Hunts Continental Glory

Tusker has the added advantage of having its flagship brand front and centre. It is already one of Africa's most famous beers. By becoming Champions League regulars or having a great run in the competition, the Tusker brand could easily be etched in the minds of fans across a football-mad continent.

5G Ushers In a Smarter Era Of Internet Experience

Kenya became the second country in Africa to roll out a commercial 5G network, which is set to improve customer experience with super high-speed...

OP-ED: What’s Next for AI in Africa

IBM Research Africa has invited all academics, students, developers, researchers and AI practitioners to join the conversation on the future of AI and the role of the African computing community in inventing ‘What's Next for AI’ in Africa.

Lessons From Luban Workshop: How Kenya Can Become The Next China

University and higher level education need total reorientation to become centres of research and development for nurturing 21st century skills without forgetting indigenous knowledge and practices. No student should progress to university merely because they completed high school.

OP-ED: Let’s Utilize Drone Technology to Beat Pandemic Woes

Drone technology will continue to play an increasing role in optimizing various sectors including agriculture, housing, security, tourism amongst other key sectors of our economy, but first, we must master how to fly and operate them right. 

New Govt Portal to Process All Public Tenders – Gamechanger or...

The jury remains out on whether the introduction of the e-procurement system will be able to put a dent in the country's high-powered corruption and mismanagement of public funds

Bottom Up Economy Explained Through Lives Of Ordinary Kenyans

The bad news is that bottom up in public sector won’t work as long as we are unable to slay the corruption dragon and our wasteful habits. It is one thing to shout bottom-up economic model but you must choose to walk Equity’s or Safaricom’s path to make it happen.

U.S. Businesses Reading From a Different Script In Trade Spat With...

US-China Trade War: Businesses the world over have certain interests that override partisan political stakes. Therefore, it is expected that businesspeople in both the...