How Kenyan Media Houses Will Vote In 2022 Election

Kenyan media houses are once again spotlighting the political campaigns ahead of the 9th August general elections, with every day bringing its own news and drama. In their coverage, you can easily tell which political persuasion each media house is favouring.

We Must Respect Sanctity Of Power Purchase Agreements

In March 2021, President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed a taskforce to review power purchase agreements. The taskforce’s main mandate was to undertake a comprehensive review and...

Kenya’s Untold Story Of Sustainable Avocado Production

Like never before, the world has embraced avocado consumption, leading to a significant increase in new plantings. However, therein lies environmental challenges as some...

Without Nicọtine Alternatives, Kenya’s Tobaccọ Industry Is Growing

On the World No Tobaccọ Day, Marked on 31st May,  Kenya appeared to be further than ever from reducing cigárette sales and smọking. Its...

Women Team Building US Diplomatic Apartment In Kenya

But at Rosslyn Grove, in Nairobi, the development is being spearheaded by a female team, in a piece of leadership in Africa that resonates with mounting evidence that greater diversification leads to greater business success.

SMEs Must Embrace Technology To Remain Competitive

Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) ought to consider ‘Social Commerce’ as part of their performing business model if their main aim is to...

Unlocking The Transformative Power Of Mobile Money 

This year the mobile money industry hit a milestone number of transactions and with continued collaboration between businesses, governments, operators, and the mobile industry as a whole, the benefits of mobile money will continue to expand and reach the remaining unbanked populations.

Insuring Schools Creates a Stable Learning Environment

The prolonged disruption of education due to Covid-19 highlighted the risks faced by learning institutions due to unforeseen perils. Most affected were private schools...

 KRA’s Eye On Social Media Posts Enhances Tax Compliance

With the proliferation of social media platforms on which most people have had a tendency to share their ‘lavish’ lifestyles, many tax administrations globally have turned to conducting lifestyle audits for such taxpayers in order to determine whether they are tax compliant.

Couch Potato Policies a Big Let-Down To Smallholders and Consumers

The so-called potato shortage that impacted KFC in Kenya last month reveals less about supply issues, and more about the longstanding forces that hold back the diversification...