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How Tech And AI Can Make Health Insurance Easier, Affordable

By Pieter Prickaerts One of the concerns in the health insurance industry is the increase in claims frequency in recent years, consequently leading to additional...

Somalia’s Admission into EAC Heralds New Opportunities in the Horn of Africa

The admission of Somalia into the EAC makes it a home to an estimated 302.2 million citizens, of which over 30% is urban population.

Dynamics of Electric Mobility Transition in Kenya

Kenya is rapidly emerging as the East African e-mobility leader amid the bourgeoning electric vehicle (EV) market in the continent.

Kenyan Libraries Should Incorporate Queer Literature Without Exception

Book Bunk sought to transform Kenyan libraries and historic spaces into inclusive hubs for archiving and sharing collective memories, creative pursuits, and technological access.

Partnerships In Q-Commerce Revolutionizing Consumer Experiences

By Elizabeth Mbugua, Head of Q-commerce, Glovo Kenya In this fast-paced digital age, consumer experience has become the compass guiding commerce. It encompasses every interaction,...

How Access To Finance Is Changing Lives In Africa

According to World Bank data, just 35% of people over the age of 14 in 28 sub-Saharan African countries had formal bank accounts in 2021, which limits access to finance.

Bridging MSME Funding Gap Will Unlock Northern Kenya’s Economic Potential

By Venny Mayaka The vast and arid landscapes of Northern Kenya have often remained obscured from the national development narrative. Yet, this region, covering up...

Embed Threat Intelligence In Cybersecurity Resilience

Threat intelligence is a relatively new arrival on the security landscape, but it is one that has the potential to offer immense value to an enterprise.
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