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Bridging MSME Funding Gap Will Unlock Northern Kenya’s Economic Potential

By Venny Mayaka The vast and arid landscapes of Northern Kenya have often remained obscured from the national development narrative. Yet, this region, covering up...

Embed Threat Intelligence In Cybersecurity Resilience

Threat intelligence is a relatively new arrival on the security landscape, but it is one that has the potential to offer immense value to an enterprise.

It’s Time To Rewrite The Remote Work Policy

Remote work policy: It’s time to let go of prescribed leadership practices and instead to tap into the nuances of a digitally connected yet distributed workforce that isn’t prescribed in policy.

Bodaboda Sector Can Lead The Drive Towards Electric Mobility

Embracing electric motorbikes in Kenya will enable the country to make a significant contribution to global efforts in mitigating climate change while driving economic growth and development.

From Fragility To Resilience: The Case For SME Insurance

While MSMEs account for over 90% of private sector enterprises and 93% of Kenya’s total labour force in the economy, only less than 10% of MSMEs in Kenya are insured.

We Will Be Navigating New Horizons With 5G Network

As the 5G network gains traction in Kenya, it opens up limitless possibilities for the telco industry and the digital sphere.

Five Ways Professional Associations Can Support SMEs

It is crucial for professional associations in Kenya to play an active role in supporting SMEs.

Back Up Kenya’s Digital Transformation With Resilience And Security

By investing in the right tools, Kenya can showcase the long-term benefits of digital resilience as well as secure infrastructure that takes it into the next decade and beyond.
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