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We Will Be Navigating New Horizons With 5G Network

As the 5G network gains traction in Kenya, it opens up limitless possibilities for the telco industry and the digital sphere.

Five Ways Professional Associations Can Support SMEs

It is crucial for professional associations in Kenya to play an active role in supporting SMEs.

Back Up Kenya’s Digital Transformation With Resilience And Security

By investing in the right tools, Kenya can showcase the long-term benefits of digital resilience as well as secure infrastructure that takes it into the next decade and beyond.

Data Is The Key To Stimulating The Credit Market

Data Is The Key To Stimulating The Credit Market

High Energy Cost Negatively Impacting Data Centre Industry

As a large energy user, the data centre industry is very much affected by the cost-of-energy crisis.

Manufacturers Can Reap Big From Increased connectivity

Digital transformation is no longer just an option; it is necessary for businesses across industries to remain competitive and relevant.

Smart Buildings: It’s a Smarter, Greener World

By Chetan Ratna The Energy Internet presents a futuristic evolution of electricity systems and is conceptualised as an energy-sharing network. The research paper Energy Internet...

Is Electrification The Answer To Sustainable Innovation?

By Carol Koech Globally, there is a broad consensus that electrification is the most viable way to decarbonize systems and processes powered by fossil fuels....
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