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Samson Osero is Human Resource Development Consultant and Author of 'Transition into Retirement'. My personal email is: [email protected]

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: How Job-Hopping Affects Your Career

Most employers accept or reject job hoppers depending on existing hiring policies and practices and job requirements.

COVID-19: The Missing Links

The best alternative for those being released for self-quarantine should be mandatory quarantine in designated government facilities.

CEOs Acting For Too Long Isn’t a Cool Thing

The appointing authorities sleepover indecision until they are woken up by uproar from within and without the organization.

Six Ways to Bounce Back After Losing a Job

Kenya’s corporate sector continues to lay off workers citing hard economic times that threaten the survival of long-established firms.

Retire Rich and Happy Even if You Don’t Earn a Big...

Working full-time many employees are too busy to pause and think of the finances they shall require for a comfortable life in retirement.

Developing Salary Scheme for Employees Eliminates Pay Inequity

Best remuneration practices require that salaries be calibrated on or above market rates taking into account affordability.

Let it Be Done to Betting as it is Done to...

People engage in all forms of betting on the mistaken belief that on average wins and losses may end up giving them a profit.

Succession Planning is Great But Often Fails Miserably

Boards that believe in injecting new blood into an organization to avoid the negative side of in-breeding have advocated outside candidates

Often Ignored Actions that Can Provide a Job for Every Graduate

The graduate is a victim of an education system that glorifies acquisition of academic papers with no regard for their utility in the labour market.

Social media addiction effects worse than drugs and alcohol

Out of the estimated world population of 7.7 billion, 3.1 billion are actively engaged in a variety of social media platforms for various reasons....