Guide On Mastering Financial Well-Being And Stability

In this guide, we explore practical strategies and steps to bolster your financial foundation and foster growth, both personally and professionally.

Enwealth Hosts Kenya’s First Investment Expo For Retail Investors

Enwealth Financial Services is set to host Kenya’s first Investment forum targeting individuals in search of saving and investment knowledge and vehicles suited to their needs. This pioneering expo centered around the theme of Unpacking Financial Well-being aims to foster financial literacy, provide insights into investment opportunities,...

Understanding Unit Trusts And Why Many Investors Are Embracing Them

In the world of investments, understanding unit trusts and embracing them have emerged as a popular choice for both seasoned investors and those new to the financial landscape.

How To Budget Sh100k Salary To Save More And Invest

A budget is the foundation of personal finance. Start by tracking all your expenses and create a budget that aligns with your income.

How To Build Wealth Through a Goal-Based Saving Strategy

In the pursuit of financial security and long-term prosperity, goal-based saving and emergency funds play important roles.

7 Creative Ways To Cut On Your Household Monthly Bills

Remember, spend wisely, mindfully and make intelligent choices with your money because you are in control; every penny counts!