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NMG Half-Year Profit Plunges To Worrying Level, Board Cuts Off Dividend

Board attributed the decline in NMG profit 2023 to the rise in the cost of imported raw materials, especially newsprint which is it the main input in newspaper production, and the depreciation of the Kenya shilling against the US dollar.

Standard Group CEO Teaser Keeps Employees Guessing Ahead Of Crucial Staff Meeting

The Standard Group CEO staff communication meeting, scheduled for Wednesday 16th August 2023, is expected to be a turning point for Standard Group, Kenya’s second biggest newspaper company that is facing financial difficulties.

Nation’s Govt Advertising Millions Under Threat

In a tweet laced with expletives, Kuria hinted at stopping government advertising with Kenya's largest media company, stating that they could still advertise "auctioneers and funeral announcements."

Nation Media to Buy Back More of Its Shares

Nation Media Group (NMG) has announced a second buy back program, with the media giant aiming to buy back 10% of its shares at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE).

NMG Shake-Up: James Smat Takes Up Senior New Role

James Smart has been named by Nation Media Group (NMG) as its new Managing Editor for Newsroom production as part of a shake-up at the media house.

TV Anchor Mark Masai Jumps Onto a Career Changing Venture

Mark Masai, the veteran TV anchor who was recently laid off by Nation Media Group, has quit the screen to try his hand at agency public relations and communications.