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How Former UN SG Ban Ki-moon Set Collaboration Tune At Africa Climate Summit

This collaborative approach aligns notably with global aspirations, specifically the priorities of SDG2 – Zero Hunger, and the COP28 Presidency, former UN SG said at Africa Climate Summit.

Altered: An Image Showing President William Ruto Holding A Club Is Doctored

An image showing President William Ruto holding a club similar to the one used by the late retired President Daniel arap Moi is doctored. The image shared by Twitter user Alinur Mohamed was shared at the height of anti-government protests organised by the opposition coalition,...

Daring University Lecturer Corrects President Ruto ‘Poor’ English

Linguist Willice Ochieng has clinically deconstructed President William Ruto’s grammar in a tweet he posted as he left for a state visit to Tanzania.

Daring Citizen TV Journalist Lectures President Ruto On Love Economy

Citizen TV’s Linus Kaikai is concerned that eight companies had shut down in the flower industry alone.

President Ruto’s Gift Has Uhuru Kenyatta Smiling All The Way To The Bank

The government of President William Ruto has prepared a handsome retirement package for former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mumias Sugar Employees Take Their Woes To State House

In a letter to President William Ruto, the former Mumias Sugar Employees are pushing for the revocation of the 20-year lease awarded to Uganda-based Sarrai Group, accusing its management of running down the company instead of reviving it.