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Kakamega Tycoon Causing Ripples In Africa

Julius Mwale has recently captured the imagination of many Kenyans with his daring pan-African exploits. In May this year, he announced a partnership with an American firm to build a battery plant in the mineral-rich Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to power smart cities.

Interview: Ida Odinga Talks About Raila’s Election Losses

Ida Odinga pours her heart out, and reveals just how it feels for her husband to lose election after election - some times being denied victory.

Journalist Of The Year Naipanoi Lepapa Talks About The Hard Labour...

Naipanoi Lepapa surprised the media industry recently by emerging Journalist of the Year in the Annual Journalism Excellence Awards (AJEA) by Media Council of Kenya held on 4th May 2022.

Nairobi Is Overrated, Get Out Of This Place And Prosper!

Twitter user Kadendi Wachosi shared the post 'Nairobi Is Overrated, Get Out Of This Place and Prosper'. In a country where living in the...

High Airtime Tax Makes It a Sin To Talk on Phone

Airtime has become the top expenditure in many households, toppling rent in the basket of goods that determine the cost of living in Kenya, according to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) report of April 2020. Naturally, this means any change in airtime prices will have a direct impact on the cost of living and so Kenyans must be braced for tough times ahead.

In Homeboyz Radio Fallout, a Glorified Rot In Media Is Exposed

Homeboyz predicament shines the spotlight the darkest corner of radio in Kenya: use of untrained presenters to drive their shows. Radio airwaves are stuffed with so-called celebrities - from musicians, comedians to actors - who masquerade behind mics as journalists by trading in their fan base yet have no idea of journalistic principles and ethics governing the practice of journalism. Journalists in radio have been relegated to peripheral roles of gathering and editing news. Even the news presentation role is for the most part handled by these celebrities. That’s the weakest link in media brought about by stiff competition for listeners and entry of niche radio stations.

Modified Risk Tobacco Products and the Future of Smoking

There is need for public and private collaborative strategies to substantially contribute to less harm in society

CBK, Confident With Previous Cuts, Retains Signal Rate at 7%

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), the policy-formulating organ of the Central Bank of Kenya, met on 29th September, 2020.

Troubled Fund Manager Banks on Strategic Investor to Clean Nakumatt Mess

Amana Capital Shilling Fund fell in trouble after Nakumatt went down with Ksh500m it had had invested in the retail chain’s commercial paper.

Facebook New Lagos Office Leaves Kenya With a Frown

With two separate hubs in Lagos Facebook, it seems, has settled on eating the African tech-lunch from West Africa.