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Ashford Gikunda, a digital entrepreneur, runs Exams Hub.

How Teachers Stimulated Our Corruption Instincts

As a country, this don’t-care attitude that was first natured in schools because of seeking to just pass the exams has come to haunt us as a nation. The end justifies the means thinking has driven Kenyans into unimaginable scales of corruption.

Ahead of World Teachers’ Day, Tutors in Private Schools Have Little...

And, it has very little to do with Coronavirus. The Covid-19 pandemic only served to break the camel's back. Their woes were only aggravated by the global outbreak

Effective Personal Study Models During COVID-19 Period

Since schools were shut abruptly in mid-March, students have been grappling with online and other study models

To Wake Up From Slumber, Kenya Needs a Bobi Wine not...

The political circumstances in South Africa of 1994 are very different from the political landscape on the Kenya of 2022.

So, Politics is More Urgent Than Health?

It is disrespectful to the voters for leaders to be preoccupied with petty party control fights when Kenyans are languishing in uncertainty.

True Leadership is Demonstrated in Times of Crisis

Kenya is facing a monumental crisis, and in a few weeks time, it will probably be the biggest test the country has ever faced. How we navigate it depends on our leaders.

It’s Loud and Clear: Our Culture of Silence Fuels Impunity

Our collective silence by choosing convenience over what is right is continually entrenching the culture of silence in our country.

Why ‘A’ Students Work For ‘C’ Students: A Country of Wasted...

Thousands of Kenyan graduates are not engaged in any meaningful economic activities

World’s Best Tutor Peter Tabichi Gives Teachers’ Day Whole New Meaning

Teaching is not a mechanical classroom engagement but a relationship-building process

CBC will right the wrongs of 8:4:4 education system

They say if you judge fish by jumping on trees it will never win. Similarly, if you judge a monkey by swimming, it will...