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Six career moves to make in your 40’s

Hitting 40s while still in the workforce can be unnerving because it might feel a little too late to change careers. Further, responsibilities both...

Career progression stages that make one successful

After getting into the dream jobs that we worked and prayed for, comfort creeps in. The aggressiveness and desire to be better somehow disappears...

Use these six tips to get ahead in your career

Occasionally, some employees complain of mark-timing in the same job for over five years while their college-mates or colleagues climb up the corporate ladder....

Get these 7 actions right and you can pass any job interview

In an economy where the rate of unemployment was about 7.4% in March 2018, job applicants for advertised positions is sometimes so large that...

Five ways to know you are ready to switch jobs

In professional life, there are three reasons that make you loathe going to work everyday: your job, your boss and your career. Of these...

Secret to a happy and successful career

Growing up, we all picture ourselves as big players in our careers with a smile touching the tips of our ears. No one wants...

5 Professions that don’t give love a chance

Certain careers put a tremendous strain on marriages or romantic relationships. This can be due to the nature of the job one partner does and...

5 job skills you can learn without having a degree

You may need to go to school to perfect these skills, but one can start earning from these jobs early before enrolling

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In what looked like a movie, Standard Group employees moved to stop the auctioneers from carrying away the seats.

Inside Details of How Equity Sealed Deal to Acquire Rwandan Bank

Equity Group Managing Director and CEO, Dr James Mwangi, said the transaction Equity-Cogebanque deal was sealed on 30th November 2023.

Lupita’s Little Brother Junior Nyong’o Charting His Own Path in Acting

Junior Nyongó, who is also a musician and a DJ and now a graduate of UC San Diego with an MFA in Acting, is crafting his own solid path in the world of acting with roles in major theatre productions.