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5 Professions that don’t give love a chance

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Certain careers put a tremendous strain on marriages or romantic relationships.

This can be due to the nature of the job one partner does and negative stories surrounding professions in that field.

Many of us know that maintaining a committed relationship while both partners are busy with a separate career lives can be extremely difficult.

Some careers create room for personal space as they are not demanding and usually they are seasonal.

However, other careers are onerous and can kill a relationship if understanding and tolerance is conditional.

Below are five careers that can kill love between two people.

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1. Healthcare givers

This is a highly stressful job, that is for nurses and doctors. Staff working in hospitals have to change shifts of working daytime and at night.

Moreover a specialized nurse or doctor can receive an emergency call, whether they are on duty or not.

A job of this nature can cut family time as the profession will have to rush and attend to the pressing work, which mostly involves saving a human life.

Arranging dates and dinners should be done with a backup plan incase an emergency call comes unexpectedly. Do not play safe.

2. Reporters

Most readers and watchers envy the way reporters knit words to convey message without leaving a room for doubt.

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However, behind the glamour of words are crazy working hours that require extensive research and writing.

To add salt in the wound, breaking news do occur at unexpected times. If such an instance happens, the reporter will drop whatever they are doing and go chase the news. They will only leave the work place after they have exhausted the breaking news that explain why such an occurrence has happened.

With little patience and understanding, a partner married to a reporter can perceive him or her as a workaholic thus a troubling relationship.

3. Police and Military personnel

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Keeping a country safe is no child’s play. Hours of hard work, at times in dangerous places are put in to ensure security is not breached at any point.

Military people tend to spend many days of the year in their camps than at home. Police people face the emergency of reinforcing their colleagues in times of attack at different locations.

This then will be followed by days and months of investigations that will keep a loved one away from home. Family times get interrupted or postponed again and again resulting to a strained relationship.

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4. Hospitality

Chefs and waiters are among the earliest birds on earth. Before the sun breaks the cloud, they need to have breakfast ready for the customers whilst they prepare for middle day snacks and lunches.

At night, they close very late as they need to serve people dinner and prepare the kitchen for the next day.

By the time they get back home, not only is it late, they are also worn out from the days activities. A partner to such professions might feel abandoned by their loved one who spend hours and hours at the work place.

Things can get thick during holiday seasons where customers number tend to rise and orders double resulting to even extra more hours at work.

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5. Transport

People who work in airplanes, ships and long distance truck spend many days away from their loved ones.

Constant traveling has been surveyed to be a leading factor in creating rifts between romantic partners. This is because the distance causes couple to stay out of touch planting seeds of doubt about the future of their relationship.

Safety of such workers for instance is not always guaranteed as accidents do occur, mostly unavoidable.

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Brenda Gamonde
Brenda Gamonde
Brenda Gamonde is reporter with Business Today. Email: [email protected]
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