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Khalif Kairo Advises Men After Seeing Dust

It comes after he broke up with his now ex-girlfriend Cera Imani this week.

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Khalif Kairo, a fast-rising Kenyan businessman still in the trenches of fame, has advised all men in relationships after his rumoured breakup with his now ex-girlfriend, Cera Imani.

It is reported that the prominent car seller saw dust recently this week, Cera, who said she is on an “active healing journey” confirmed, without disclosing the reason for the heartbreak.

“I prayed for a partner, and Kairo came my way. We dated, and that was us. I always say you never know what life has in store for you, so just pray and take it as it is,” she shared.

Now, her would-be husband, who is also a social media influencer like her, is advising all men in relationships concerning sex, and many of his fans are wondering what he had done with Cera.

“S*x is good lakini as a man ukiwacha ikudrive utajipata in a lot of problems or connected to people you would rather be not connected to. Sometimes, abstaining and focusing on the right things is the solution. Wish I knew this 10 years ago,” Khalif Kairo wrote on X.

A while ago, when their short-lived relationship was still alive, Mr Kairo was a couple’s therapist, and some prominent advice he gave young couples included:

“There’s no perfect person. I mean, I have been in many relationships and “perfectionism” is an illusion. My advice is to find the person who compliments your values, understands your vision/weaknesses and will support you. What works for Kairo might not work for you.”

“Kama unataka dem ako na zero past, zero exes , zero past relationships tafuta hii stock inatoka form four.”

Just on April 27, when Khalif Kairo was still with Cera Imani, he said that five months into their relationship, God was happy, his body was in shape, companies were super stable, a wedding was loading, and he was scoring major deals.

“There is a blessing that comes with having someone who matches your energy, and all these battles online are a testament that satan is not happy,” he wrote boldly.

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