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7 Things To Do When a Woman Is Emotionally Detached From You

Most men are usually lost when it comes to dealing with a recoiled wife. Men have such fragile feet when it comes to walking on eggshells. Many choose to stay out in the bar, run away, than confront the problem.

Anything For ‘My Ride or Die’

You should be best friends with your significant other but there are things that you don’t consider worthy of your partner knowing

Free Meals Breaking Men’s Hearts as Women Prowl

Research says women who believe in traditional gender roles that men should be breadwinners were more likely to make 'foodie calls'.

5 Professions that don’t give love a chance

Certain careers put a tremendous strain on marriages or romantic relationships. This can be due to the nature of the job one partner does and negative stories surrounding professions in that field. Many of us know that maintaining a committed relationship while both partners are busy...

7 characters that destroy relationships

It is important to identify your own destructive spirits first and acknowledge that sometimes your relationship stops working because of your own making

Marriage conference to address relationship issues

The conference has been organised in the face of rising divorce cases across the world and their impact on children and the society