Where To Invest And Grow Your Money For The Long Term

Investors with a near term investment horizon are better off investing in treasury bills and short-term treasury bonds, as well as high dividend paying stocks

State Finds a New Tool To Spy On Youth’s Activities

The youth index will measure the performance of youth empowerment programmes and the status of youth compared with development initiatives implemented by government and other stakeholders.

Five-Year Milestone Portends a New Future For SGR

Kenya’s Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) passenger services marked the 5th anniversary by celebrating 7.8 million travellers between Nairobi and Mombasa. The maiden Madaraka Express trip from Mombasa to Nairobi was made on 31st May, 2017, and had on board...

Three Kenyan Firms Join Global League Of Tech Pioneers

The World Economic Forum list is full of young and growing tech companies with the 2022 cohort forging new paths in healthcare, food production and cutting-edge technologies.

Machakos Pioneers Formula 1 Motorsport In Kenya

Dr Mutua pointed out that the 4.5km circuit will culminate in an Extravaganza of RX motorsport on the weekend of July 9th to 10th, this year. He said that the motorsports will operate both on tarmac and rough roads as the 4.5km circuit covers both ways.

Lady Boda Boda Gives Men a Run For Their Money

Esther Makhanu's business has grown tremendously and has seen her buy four more motorcycles, creating employment for others and increasing her revenues.

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