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Kagwe Mungai and Girlfriend Sharon Mwangi Announce Breakup

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The lyrically masterful musical artist Kagwe Mungai has broken up with his girlfriend, Sharon Mwangi, they announced via a joint statement on their social media accounts Friday.

“The truth is, we’ve decided to lovingly separate as a couple. Our journey together has been extraordinary, filled with deep love and affection. The love we have for each other remains, but it’s taking a beautiful new shape, a chance for each of us to blossom on our own paths,” the Afro-Pop musician and the lifestyle content creator posted to their Instagram accounts simultaneously that evening. “You’ve been a part of our journey, and for that, we’re incredibly grateful. We want to be transparent with you all, even though sharing this publicly feels a little cringe. We know how easily facts can be misconstrued, so know that anything you hear or read elsewhere is likely fiction or assumptions.”

The two have no kids together. Their relationship became public around March last year, but their first encounter was actually long before that when they were about their work as content creators.

However, before they confirmed their love bond, their fans had already speculated long before as they made frequent appearances at endorsement events, parties and other social gatherings as one and even co-shared their photos on social media.

In the statement announcing their split, Kagwe and Sharon concluded with a plea for space.

“We won’t be engaging in further discussions on this, and we deeply appreciate your understanding and respect for our privacy,” the statement read.

Kagwe Mungai is former Cabinet Secretary for Health Mutahi Kagwe’s son and is 33 years old.

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