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Are Women Time Wasters or Men Are Weak?

But who actually wastes another's time? It is a doomsday question

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One point to add to the endless debate of which gender or sex is the strongest in the terms in which you understand best: A social setup is something to look at, say a university or college, which has an aspect of a mix: female and male students in the same environment. Women and men.

From any point of observation, education being basic as among the ‘rites of passage’ of today’s world, you must have seen, felt, experienced it, or all.

At most campuses, especially the public ones, the most prominent and regular activity is intermingling, which you may coat as socializing, the sharpest skill one should acquire.

Throughout the semester up to nearly the end, because of exams and especially the first semester after the admission of freshers, many males spend time associating with women with the aim of making them their girlfriends. It is hardly the other reasons.

There’s one who, during their admission process, offered to carry a filled gas cylinder alongside some heavy luggage that includes nearly half of a 50kg bag of maize for a new First Year female college entrant who lives 2 or 3 kilometers from the main campus in the name of love and to appear like a gentleman. It is a disservice.

Do you do this only to get a phone number? Because, of course, you won’t be given on that first day unless she is that slut in the gambling casino or a drinking den.

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So you do this ndio upate senye? Disreputable content creator Andrew Kibe would ask. It is a waste of time since important transitional life positions like that should be used to build oneself per se.

One realizes this the moment they know they can’t be the only man approaching the lady. In such settings, ladies (meeting the obvious ‘qualification criteria’ and taking into account that love is blind) might get approached by more than four males in a day.

If each man spends 30-40 minutes with the woman, that is over two hours of idled time on her side, while the former lost only his engagement time.

But who has actually wasted another’s time? It is a doomsday question; the two might be right, though; a woman either consciously or unconsciously accepts her time to be wasted by ‘potential husbands’ while men either knowingly or unknowingly go to try and get their lost rib or soulmate, just if it exists.

That is why knowing if women are time wasters or men are too weak to resist any woman is almost an impossibility.

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