Kenya is set to host an international conference on marriage on Saturday at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi. The conference aims at bringing together people from different backgrounds and with various experiences to discuss pertinent issues affecting Kenyan families and the impact it has on the social and economic development.

The Director of Happy Marriages, Mr Sajid Hussein, said the one-day conference will bring together at least 2,000 participants from across the country.

“The event will enlighten participants on how to maintain happy and productive families as it addresses core challenges affecting modern relationships such as domestic violence, drug abuse and the impact of social media on families,” he said.

Mr Hussein said the conference has been organised in the face of the rising number of divorce cases across the world and the great the impact it has on children and the society at large.

Briefing the press on the upcoming event today at a Nairobi hotel, Mr Hussein who is also the founder of the organisation said participants will get an opportunity to interact with both national and international experts who will provide them with long lasting solutions  to marital challenges.

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“This event is structured to be impactful for people of all ages including those planning to get married, maintaining relationships and those in challenging marriages,” he noted.

He said marriage was the most important contract among people and couples need to be well prepared before getting into it.  Mr Hussein added that the conference will also have a youth segment which will address their challenges and their experimental nature.

Since the conference was established in 2015, eight events have been held globally with South Africa hosting the first event in Africa in 2016. Kenya is the second African country to host the event. Nigeria, Morocco and Ghana are in line to host similar conferences.

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