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Marry Today, Divorce Tomorrow: Judges Who Ruled To Break Marriages

Married recently and want out? You can start processing your divorce papers today, thanks to a court ruling that has nullified a law that bars married couples from divorcing before the lapse of three years. The Coùrt of Appéal in Kenya upheld the nullification...

Marriage Has Become a Tricky Affair in the Modern World

People get into marriage for different reasons. There are those who have unequivocally made it a business.

5 Kenyan Personalities Who Have Been Married More Than Once

When taking vows in a holy matrimony, forever is what every couple thinks of their marriage. No one gets married just to divorce afterwards. In many cases the divorce turns to ugly scenes with couples attacking each other. Weddings, ironically are as public as they...

Is Dennis Okari set to remarry after splitting with Betty Kyalo?

The Nairobian has revealed that Okari recently tied the knot in a traditional wedding in Ukambani firming up what Sunday Nation's Talk of Town reported two months ago

No equal sharing of wealth after divorce

High Court Judge John Mativo says there is a danger of one walking into marriage and walking out with more than they deserved

High price of love: Men to pay dearly for dumping wives

The decision could potentially open the floodgates for lawsuits from women seeking upkeep