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Marriage Has Become a Tricky Affair in the Modern World

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What is marriage? This is the one question that many people claim to know but whose answer they know nothing about. Everybody knows the meaning in layman’s language. Then those internet freaks who always say ’Google is my friend’ will rush to Google and will give you all the answers on Wikipedia.

But that is the extent of their knowledge on the superficial meaning. They do not understand the real meaning of marriage. But do we all?

Nowadays, almost everybody I know is getting married. Well, Covid-19 has sort of put an emergency brake on that for now. Even those who are clueless and cannot even feed their themselves let alone a wife and kids are getting married just because the people they went to school with are married.

The only thing they know is chest-thumping  when drunk demanding respect because they are married. But they know nothing about all the responsibilities that come with that title. They just get married because it is a rite of passage that the society demands from the men and women who have attained a certain age.

Marrying for wrong reasons

People get into marriage for different reasons.There are those who have unequivocally made it a business. If you like, a thriving career. They have made it a career choice and are experienced in that sector. All they do is get married to some high ranking and famous man. This lot has everything planned out.They will want a life where they will get splashed all over social media by the so-called celeb as their girlfriend.

Within a year, they will hatch a plan. But the first thing is to get you madly and undoubtedly in love with them. As they say love is blind. They will first blind you with endearing words. The next step is they prepare a surprise for you. “Babe I’m pregnant!” That is always the number one trap.

You will think it is real. Unbeknown to you that the pregnancy might not even be yours. But a trap in the well set conniving scheme is trapping you for your money. You will happily go for fancy baby photo shoots and splash the photos allover for the world to see in a bid to make your followers jealous.

Unbeknownst to you that you are being played andyou have hopelessly been duped. Within a short time the ‘marriage’will come to an end and the lady will be demanding for money. Lots of money including your hard earned wealth.

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For the peace-loving and drama-averse people will bend to their every whim for fear of their names being on every front page and blogs on how you got her pregnant and are now leaving her with a child. Then the world will join in a fight they know nothing about and tighten the noose on your neck, thirsting for your blood ready to have your head on a silver platter.

Then there are those who take marriage as an insurance cover or buffer. They just want to have a back-up plan when they fail in life.

 This is because men are easy to trick – he looks at the behind and the scantily dressed figure and falls head first without a thought in the world. So when the woman changes and starts demanding your hard earned money that is when you realize that you were in a scheme and you were the pawn in the game.

 The so-called professional divorcees get married, give birth to their small ‘project’ (the new baby) then disappear. Those women who have kids from several wealthy men and deny them access to their kids until they pay child support which includes huge mansions, cars and a fancy lifestyle where their only work is dressing for the gram and flossing all over the place.

Marriage as insurance

Then there are those who take marriage as an insurance cover or buffer. They just want to have a back-up plan when they fail in life. Especially now with the Coronavirus raining havoc in our lives, they are happy because they know someone has got their back. They will have a good life despite the challenges people are facing.

Woe unto you if you took advantage of office romance. It is now coming to bite you since now you all face the risk of getting sacked if your company has been adversely affected by Covid-19.

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It’s time to pay for the hide-and-seek office games you so successfully played and was glad that no one found out. But as they say nothing is a sweet as doing the wrong thing. There is a certain high and rush you get from running away and the thrill of getting caught. Until you get caught and wonder what on earth you were actually doing.

Genuine love?

All said, marriage should be a respected institution where people get in for genuine love and care for each other and not for exploitation as has become the norm.

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DORRIS KYALOhttp://www.businesstoday.co.ke
Dorris Kyalo, a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance Major) student, is currently pursuing CPA. Email: [email protected]  
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  1. As much as we both know this is a general truth, it is best told by a man. Going by history, when as women folk we give such advice, some think it is a case of sour grapes etc etc
    I can confirm that my friend revealed the tactics you have outlined here but most men want to believe they are genuinely loved, leaving themselves open to manipulation.
    Experience remains the best teacher

  2. Marriage is increasingly becoming a scam. its also used by couples to raise money to live a good life through the so called ‘pre-weddings’ and wedding day gifts. with all such incentives, its increasingly difficult to not play along even when you know that your girlfriend may be having a hidden agenda when indirectly pushing you to marry her. For an institution that wholly depends on mutual trust and faithfulness, its future looks bleak especially with the growing trend of younger generations to use deceitful shortcuts from school exams to getting the same jobs that facilitate their dating lives that lead to the marriage ‘proposals’.


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