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The Hard Reality Of Living In a World Of Fakes

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Never compare yourself to anybody. You are an original copy. Comparisons of people’s lives are all wrong. Frustrations in life result from wishing that your life was like that of a friend or someone you saw and wish to blindly follow and imitate without proper background check.

Social media is the number one liar as people parade fake lives and fake happiness. What we lack is sensible and honest individuals who can showcase their real and true lives and struggles without clout-chasing. All they do is follow the saying ‘Fake it until you make it’. People are busy copying clout-chasers who are busy parading their ‘expensive’ lifestyles not knowing that those are borrowed, loaned or people in the business of advertising. Yet we blindly, like the sheep, follow them and even end up bankrupt in the name of seeking to live like them.

The world is ruthless and everybody wants to appear to have made it. Do not believe the lies. Some of these people survive on loans .Their borrowed  ‘fame’ is funded by Fuliza, Mshwari, Tala, Branch, Shylocks  and other financial loaning institutions. Envy should never be used as a weapon for those who have succeeded before us. All we have to do is pay attention to our own personal journeys in life. If you want to lose yourself and God’s blessings upon your life, then keep comparing yourself to others.

Peer pressure, the number one killér of people’s dreams, is the main reason people are losing themselves. The moment you compare your children to your neighbour’s or your friend’s, that in itself is stiffling your destiny. The moment you compare your husband’s salary or good looks to another man, that is selling your destiny short of what it should be.

Reality Check

The one thing that we should all do is stick to our given destiny. Life may be tough and hard, which leads one to explore, but in the end, everything always adds up. All we have to do is stick to our path and God’s will for us. Life is full of obstacles and challenges. But the moment we accept our lives for what it is, we excel even more than we thought.

Sometimes, God puts obstacles in our paths as a test to see whether we will trust Him to the end. The pain and challenges that life throws at us sometimes are all examinations from God to see if we are capable of persevering to the end.

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God throws to us these tests to see if we are ready for the next chapter of our lives. The moment we lose hope, give up or run away from the challenges, we tell God that we cannot manage the challenges and hardships of the next phase of our lives. We are prove to God that we are undeserving of His blessings. But the moment we pick up the challenges and shoulder them with grace, even God is pleased and satisfied that we will make it to the next level of our lives and will perform the duties delegated to us with courage and confidence.

It’s not all glamorous

In everything we do, we should work hard and aim to be better without comparing ourselves to other people. Most people who compare themselves to others do not know the challenges that people they admire go though. Most times we only see the good without paying attention to the tears that people shed in their journeys.

Nobody will willingly share their struggles with the world. But they will gladly share their happiness and joy. Nobody ever gets a glimpse of the pain of the famous and rich. You only see the splashing of money and wealth, glitz and glamour without knowing that behind the laughter lies a lot of pain and lots of pretense.

Trust that your life and all the pain and struggles will one day make sense.

Nobody’s life is easy or a walk in the park. We all have struggles. The question is, are you ready to take on the struggles that lead to the  fancy lifestyle? Are you ready to shoulder the pain that these people go through  or are we interested only in the fame? Can we withstand the heat if we were asked to take their lives?

Nobody’s life is easy. Even to those who pretend that their life is all good. Beware of those smiles and expensive clothes. The background is laden with lots of pain, rejection and sabotage. Suit up your armour and be ready to face life for what it is. Embrace your life’s journey and soldier on with humility and total trust in God that one day you will have all the things you always wished you would have. Trust that your life and all the pain and struggles will one day make sense.

Accept your life with all the struggles that come with it. And you will live to count your blessings one by one.

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