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Nothing Wrong Running From Failure, But Where Are You Headed?

Be kind to yourself first before you can claim to be kind to others

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Everybody in this life is running away from failure. Why do we have New Year resolutions? Because in a way, we are running away from the last year’s failures. They are different types of failures. Failed marriages, failed relationships, failed careers or a failed weight loss journey. We are always running away from something either consciously or unconsciously.

People who have had weight issues will always be running away from gaining weight. They will do everything in their ability never to go back to being fat. Same goes to people who were once thin. They will do everything in their power to gain some weight and to make sure they never remain thin. So you see, either consciously or unconsciously we are constantly running away from a certain life failure.

Look at people who have been poor and slept angry. These people will not sleep until they have created enough wealth for themselves and the next generations. Poverty is a bad thing and being poor is not something anybody wants. And once you have been through that rabbit hole, there is never going back.


People who have been through heartbreak either from a marriage or failed relationship, sometimes the hurt never goes away and they will constantly be running away from anything that may tie them down again.

Sometimes our parents’ mistakes shape us in life. If you came from a chaotic home you find that most people will run away from relationships while others will be yearning to get into relationships in order to create the perfect home they would have wished to have. Some scars are for life and if not careful, we may end up in deep pain because we let people make certain choices for us.

Why do you think people start children’s homes? The truly genuine ones do this because they want to make a positive impact in society. It can be because they do not want to see other children go through the pain they once went through and therefore want to do better for others in society.

It’s always good to leave a good mark in life. Let people speak good of you in your absence. Do not be the kind of person that wants  praises  through manipulation and then people trash-talk you the moment you leave. Be genuine in the life you live. You are accountable for your life and your mistakes. So whatever you do, be wise and do good.

In order to live an honest life, we need to be genuinely honest with ourselves. We need to be truthful with ourselves. You can never claim to be honest with anyone if you are not honest with yourself. It has to start with you as an individual. Build yourself and your life first before you can claim to want to build life with anybody else.

It’s okay if you are running away from your past. As long as you are aiming at making it good, better and perfect for yourself then by all means run as far as possible as long as you have a vision for yourself and for your life. Make it good for yourself and everybody that you can reach.


Back to those New Year resolutions, make resolutions that are realistic and make sense. Sometimes we set resolutions that only end up becoming a burden. Do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself. You are the only one who knows your capabilities. Sit down and think through your life and write what is within your reach, capabilities and capacity.

Resolutions are not written to please other people. But rather for your own good and progress in life. It is a mark-timer to ensure you grow and not to make you feel like a failure. So everything you do it’s for your own good and not to please people. Do what is good for you first. Always put yourself first in whatever you choose to do. Be kind to yourself first before you can claim to be kind to others.

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