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MISLEADING: Deputy Inspector of Police Did Not Take Junior Officer’s Wife

An article published by K24 online claiming that Deputy Inspector General of Police Edward Mbugua had snatched the wife of his junior was misleading. According to the 3rd November 2021 report, which was shared on Facebook, Wycliffe Ombede received a phone call from a...

10 Simple But Very Effective Actions That Build a Blissful Marriage

There are many areas of focus that can enhance a marriage/relationship, help it to remain strong and help it to get back on track when it has become distant/difficult. Sometimes couples feel that things are not right between them, they wonder what is wrong and what they can do?

7 Things To Do When a Woman Is Emotionally Detached From You

Most men are usually lost when it comes to dealing with a recoiled wife. Men have such fragile feet when it comes to walking on eggshells. Many choose to stay out in the bar, run away, than confront the problem.

Love and Care No Longer Virtues in Families

With all the spending done for the holidays and back to school, January is acclaimed by many as the longest month of all time due to the cash crunch most people go through. With all the hype of leaving the disastrous 2020 behind, it...

Love Cons and Married Women Who Play Single

I tried to talk but only ended up stammering. Cindy was not talking. She only stared as if she was not part of what was happening.

Valentine Gone Sour: Guy Who Played 4 Girls Beaten at His Own Game

Valentine's was fast approaching, a cause to worry. Having four girlfriends - two loyally tucked in the village and the two slay queens in the city - presented great logistical and financial challenges. Such delicate matters require that a man summons his cabinet of...