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Love and Care No Longer Virtues in Families

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With all the spending done for the holidays and back to school, January is acclaimed by many as the longest month of all time due to the cash crunch most people go through. With all the hype of leaving the disastrous 2020 behind, it seems we are off on not such a good note as many had anticipated.

However, the year seems to have been welcomed by a series of bizarre happenings all across the country. The wave of killings going on in the country raises concern. The most unorthodox act took place only a few days after ushering in the new year with a university student who went berserk and slaughtered his parents, a sibling and cousin in the most brutal and heartless manner ever heard of.

The country was left in shock as the news filtered through. There were whispers allover of how cold-hearted that young man was to commit such a heinous act. A series of more strange and gruesome murders rocked our screens as if people gained some sort of ‘inspiration’ from the Kiambaa brutal murder.

A father was reported to have killed his own daughter in what was reported to be a ritual in want of her heart. Why would anyone be that heartless to an innocent child? The family is the one place where we are supposed to get security and peace of mind. But what happens when children kill their parents and parents kill their children in bizarre and unexplainable acts?

Another incidence happened of a father and daughter who killed their grandmother. Then you even wonder, who are we supposed to turn to? A granddaughter had a hand in killing her grandmother. What happens when family members turn against each other and cannot even trust one another? We all end up in fear and of the very people we thought we knew and loved?

When family members turn against each other in such incidences, the trust that people had for one another is broken. In as much as we live in one house as a family, we end up living in fear of what our kin may wake up and do to the entire family just because of a misunderstanding or jealousy especially when it comes to inheritance and ownership of property.

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In other news, a police officer was reported to have killed himself in a brutal manner that left his colleagues flabbergasted. It seems that we cannot even be trusted to take care of ourselves. Then how are we expected to take care of other people and especially our family members?

Blood turns against blood

These incidences and many more that have rocked the country are very scary to say the least. Have we failed as people? What has come over us to make us behave like world animals on the loose? How can blood turn against its own blood and commit such heinous acts without even a second thought?

We ought to think about our behaviour as parents whether at home, in school, church and anywhere where we interact with young people. It seems like most young people are lost into the throws of drug abuse. We need to be good role models in what we do.

Let us be careful about what we say and the kind of examples we relay to young people. They copy and paste most of it. Let us make a conscious effort to be role models that impart and impact young people with love not only for self but for others.

As the Bible says how can you claim to love others if you do not even love yourself? Let us love one another as Christ loved the church.

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