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Kenya, a Country of Very Selective Amnesia

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Being a Kenyan has got to be the best thing in the world. In fact, Kenyans are so used to their struggles that they have run to the solace of memes. We have meme lords for every situation that happens. We are united in making fun of situations that bring us to our knees as a country.

It is sad when a country is governed by the very people who lie day in day out on national television. And when called out, they claim they were misquoted. Just a quick walk down memory lane, the then governor of Nairobi, Dr Evans Kidero, slapped the then women representative Shebesh.

Assault and insults

The act was caught on camera yet when the incidence was reported to the authorities, he claimed not to have committed the abhorrent act.

Well, that is not a first nor the last of such stunts from our so-called leaders. Another politician caused mayhem at a weighbridge and was caught on camera threatening the police and claiming to have had orders from above.

How about all the many other cases that we see on live television of assaults and insults by our leaders yet they deny? Playing dump has become our politicians greatest achievement in their dramatic political careers.

Then came the murder of the century. A university student whose death was blamed on a sitting governor. The most surprising thing is that to date nothing has been done to avenge the death of an innocent student. That was the can of worms that brought all the rampancy and normalization of murders in the country. It opened the web of murders that started happening left, right and center.

Then the citizens followed suit since it was obvious that nothing would be done even to them. The most pertinent question that we should ask ourselves is; where is our conscience? What have we become as a country? But for leaders, all they need is muosho mmoja as has become common. Supporting BBI has become the cleansing bar for all the notorious politicians.

The executive seems to be frustrating the judiciary day in day out. The lawyers and judges have become the defenders of the rich criminals in the country.  How can the three arms of the government work against each other? The judiciary has been hanged. The noose is being tightened every day.

The Chief Justice was frustrated in his work to the extent of running to the saving grace of a public outcry for people to see the hands that portrayed themselves as helping yet were tightening the noose to finish off the voice of the judiciary in fighting for the defenseless “Wanjiku”.

If the government can frustrate its own powerful party members, who are you as a mere citizen to be valued?

Joking with grave issues

The same government that is losing billions of money in a fake firearms deal, to the extent that millions have lost their value. The BBI launch consumed so many billions yet fighting locusts is a struggle and there are no resources for the same.

The joke of the month was when the CS in charge had the audacity to ask Kenyans to send photos on Twitter to confirm the presence of locusts. But Kenyans in their wittiness and in their usual creative nature with situations – since we all have come to the realization that the government won’t help us – made memes and laughed it off.

But for how long will we joke about the very crucial situations that affect our lives? The cycle continues. Isn’t this just sad for a country! We have become keyboard warriors and twitter is our battleground.

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Nothing seems to be working in this great country, thanks to Kenyan politicians. Companies are closing down and the economy is on the verge of collapsing. The youth are crying of unemployment yet the government watches on. Our beloved politicians are busy fighting each other over 2022 succession politics and BBI, a taskforce that no citizen knows what it is about other than the lies perpetrated by politicians in rallies.

They will only remember our woes when they need our votes just before the election and then disappear again from our lives until five years later.

What is the way forward for us as Kenyans? How can we make our country great again?

Fire the politicians

It’s simple, change the rotten leadership held by Kenyan politicians. All the leaders from the Members of Parliament, Senators, Governors down to the Members of County Assembly should all be shown the door by their constituents. They should all retire from politics and go home to enjoy their retirement benefits.

But the irony is the youth cry about unemployment while old men and women who can’t go on without an afternoon nap are the leaders being recycled. As  Kenyans, we should stop hiding behind the fifty shilling bribe to vote in crude leaders.

For how long will we joke about the very crucial situations that affect our lives?

Dorris Kyalo

The fact that Kenyan politicians have the audacity to bribe his /her way into office is a straight giveaway of what they will do once they get into their huge offices. They will steal every single penny and remit to offshore accounts. We need to wake up as a country.

As they say, ‘A people united shall never be defeated’. Let us all rise and say enough to bad leadership. Let us all say no to the unending amnesia that we seem to suffer from as a country.

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DORRIS KYALOhttp://www.businesstoday.co.ke
Dorris Kyalo, a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance Major) student, is currently pursuing CPA. Email: [email protected]  
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