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Dan Kutiri is a creative writer and a content creator. He can be reached through email at: [email protected]

Business Partners Who Drunk Sanitizer Stock

I floated the idea of selling self-made hand sanitizers. We had discovered that most sanitizers were basically alcohol.

Youth Must Get Their Hands Dirty to Dig Out Millions

With the rising world’s population and increased mass consumption, there is a greater need for youth to venture into agriculture

My Girlfriend is a Stripper!

As she came down from the pole dance, we looked right into each other’s faces. She smiled. A beautiful but familiar face.

KRA Takes Over Nairobi Parking Fees Collection Starting Monday

Nairobi residents to start paying parking fees and other levies to Kenya Revenue Authority beginning Monday morning after the national government took over key functions from the county government.

Campus Girls, Slay Queens Fear Pregnancy More Than HIV

Young girls are afraid of getting pregnant more than they fear HIV virus. They believe pregnancies will change their lives.

Floyd Mayweather’s Ex-Girlfriend, With Whom He Has Domestic Violence History, Dies

Josie Harris, ex-girlfriend to boxing legend Mayweather was found unresponsive in a car in California. The police pronounced her dead later.

Hope For HIV Patients as Second Person Gets Cured

Adams stopped the antiviral medication 30 months ago, no traces of the infection has been found in his blood since.

Enduring Financial Lessons From Our African Mothers

In Africa, there were key economic lessons our mothers tried to inculcate in us: the value of a shilling and the value of saving.

Kenyan Comedians Desperate For Content Or Simply Lack Tact?

Those especially put on the comedic pedestal, find the pressures quite immense; to maintain their comedic stature and relevance

Love Cons and Married Women Who Play Single

I tried to talk but only ended up stammering. Cindy was not talking. She only stared as if she was not part of what was happening.