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A different kind of Valentine for professionals

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Valentine’s Day, the day love is celebrated world wide, has finally arrived. While some people value and take Valentine’s Day theme of love serious, others, well, just ignore it.

But, truth be told, you cannot ignore the love celebrations with streets and shopping malls painted red and black for few days. It’s a day fallen out couples reconcile, some get new lovers while those in love fire up their affection.

Oddly, it’s also a day that many relationships break up – when a lover feels abandoned, dishonest creeps in or you get the Valentine’s Day plans woefully wrong!

Our writer sampled a number of Kenyan professionals, who shared their views and plans on celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. The views are diverse but with a common thread of sharing love beyond the better half.

The ladies say…

Gloria Masinde 28, HR Practitioner

After work, I plan to visit Neema Orphanage to share my love this Valentine because personally this day means showing love to other people, not necessarily your love partner.

Like many ladies, I am very excited on this Valentine plan, it’s the first, and I believe we will have fun with the kids and give them hope on life.

I have celebrated Valentine’s day before and I was given a pen as a gift. I was confused on what to do with a pen in this digital era (chuckles).

I have no specific colour for today, but if someone wishes to deliver flowers to me, I prefer them at home.

Charity Cherotich 22, Fashion Designer

I really wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day but my schedule is tight as I have many orders of outfits to deliver, do fittings and some changes. So my Valentine’s plan will be postponed to 15th (chuckles).

I usually celebrate love on Valentine’s, not necessarily with my partner but family, I have to send my mother some flowers, call my siblings and check up on them.

Once I received a Bible for Valentine’s. It was a thoughtful gift because I still have and use it. The crazy present I gave out was flowers, it was received with a lot of mixed reactions (laughs).

A fine dine, flowers, not rose, and some chocolates will complement my day, no wine since I am a teetotaller, and designers shoes will top it all. Red colour is the theme today.

Antonellah Kakuko 26,  Political Scientist

Valentine’s Day has little significance to me, it is just like other normal days. However, I have plans to go visit  children’s home in Tiaty, Baringo County, where I will share my love with them.

I have taken it as a norm that on every Valentine’s celebration I visit the less fortunate in the society, I think that is special.

Since I dont celebrate is as lovers day, I don’t expect flowers or any gifts, but a fine dine to wind that day will be great.

Win Nkirote, 24, Lab Technologist

Valentine’s Day does not mean much to me since I have never had that special someone to share the love celebration.

I will go to work till late on this day, as usual (light laugh) but I hope in the near future my Valentine’s Day will be different, fingers crossed.

A dress or very nice pair of shoes that will make me recall the day is what I’d prefer. I pray my special someone reads this and gets heads up. (Chuckles).

The men’s take…

John Simiyu 32, Media Professional

I will celebrate Valentine with my wife despite clashing working hours. I plan to prepare her favourite dish, surprise her with some gifts and spend quality time together. If she can deliver flowers at my work place that will be so great as it will keep off other women from me (laughs).

The most crazy thing I have done during Valentine’s is giving my ex-fling a very beautiful stolen ring (Chuckles). Unfortunately it didn’t fit and I couldn’t return it because it was not bought.

Valentine’s day to me implies a time when love is amplified but I do love my wife everyday and some red theme will spice up the celebrations.

Paul Gichovi, 37, Programmer


After work, I will do a routine dinner and a few glasses of snake wine. There’s so much emphasis on this day in particular but I believe love is an everyday every moment affair.

I used to celebrate Valentine when I was young, I remember going for a snorkeling in Diani with an old flame and black theme is just perfect for the day.

An ideal Valentine for me is fine dining and swigs of snake wine, in case my date fails to show up, four layer planning is the key. Call for backup, if the backup fails, call the backup’s backup (chuckles).

I don’t mind receiving flowers anywhere, though I was once gifted with a 3,000 page programming book, I’ve never finished reading it to date.

Noah Omollo, 29, Business Administrator

I always celebrate Valentine’s day, yes I am that guy. Today after work, I will hook up with my date for some special dinner, some gifts and spend time with her. Black is our theme today.

Flowers must be delivered at her work place. People have to feel the love in the air, but I pray she does not stand me up today; that will be so embarrassing.

The crazy gift I gave once was a red basin.It was supposed to be a prank but she gave me a puppy, it was just awesome and weird.

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Brenda Gamonde
Brenda Gamonde
Brenda Gamonde is reporter with Business Today. Email: [email protected]
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