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Kenyans the Most Lustful People in Valentine Spending

A study ahead of Valentine’s Day identifies spending habits during this period by analysing credit, debit and prepaid card transactions.

5 Professions that don’t give love a chance

Certain careers put a tremendous strain on marriages or romantic relationships. This can be due to the nature of the job one partner does and negative stories surrounding professions in that field. Many of us know that maintaining a committed relationship while both partners are busy...

6 Sex Tips to Try and Rekindle Your Love Life

Don’t treat Valentine’s Day like it’s your first, or as if it has to be the best day – treat it like it’s your last

Office romance can be messy. Here is how to avoid it without risking your job

A s an individual, you do not have to stand being hit on. You don’t have to endure any sort of harassment in hopes of getting that next raise or keeping your job. Most companies have strict policies to keep relationships completely out of...