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Jahmby Koikai Honoured at Memorial Service in Nairobi Chapel

The family announced that Jahmby's burial will take place today, Friday, June 14, at Langata Cemetery.

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Almost every pew, corner and bit of floor space at the Nairobi Chapel Ngong Road was filled at the memorial service for Reggae emcee and media personality Njambi Koikai or Jahmby Koikai, for the lovers, on Thursday afternoon. Ms Koikai, who died of endometriosis on June 3 at the age of 38, had an enormous influence on Reggae music and culture in Kenya.

For Selector Technix, a DJ who occasionally went to music shows and performed at many events with Ms Koikai, it was time to pay tribute to a fellow entertainer who, despite him being her teacher, her star shone brightly as a performer of great physical force, to a point of helping him further his own career while they worked together.

“I was Jahmby’s personal DJ for many years. We travelled far and wide, spreading positive messages and uplifting inspiration to our fans around the world. Those who knew Jahmby knew that there could be no Jahmby without Technix. I met Jahmby in 2006 when she enrolled as a student at the Black Supremacy Sounds DJ Academy, where I was a tutor. Since then, Jahmby has been my friend and sister. She couldn’t go a day without calling me to see how I was doing. I have lost a friend and my personal MC. God gives, and God takes away. Rest well Jahmby Koikai,” DJ Technix said.

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Comedian Timothy Kimani Ndegwa, popularly known by his stage name Njugush, said: “You (Jahmby Koikai) had a heart for everyone, kilami ya mabombay na bado lugha ya mtaani. Thank you for your big heart. Umepigana vita na umeshinda, kaa huko heaven hakuna uchungu Njambi. Wachezee muziki ata kama huna Selector Technix. Till tuonane. Rest in peace Fyah Mummah.”

Presided over by Reverend Liz Mang’eli, the memorial service included many of those from Ms Koikai’s artistic circle and media personalities: Several rows deep in the church were renowned celebrities and public figures, among them, CNN International Correspondent Larry Madowo, Chris Da Bass, Tallia Oyando, famous actress Jacky Nyaminde AKA Wilbroda, Larry Asego and politicians billionaire Jimmy Wanjigi, Martha Karua, and Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba.

They began prayerfully reading passages from the Book of Common Prayer and singing hymns, and most of them spoke before Ambassador Daniel Koikai took the stage for her daughter, remembering her as a woman of serenity and strength and praising her for the dedication she had in taking care of others.

He apologised to her for the times he might have fallen short as her dad, especially after her birth on January 24, 1986, when he had just been posted to work in a foreign country as an ambassador.

“I take this opportunity to thank her family for being there for her when I was absent… I’ll remember you in many ways. I ask here in public, where I may have not fulfilled my duties as your dad, please forgive me, forgive me, forgive me,” Ambassador Koikai asked earnestly.

Concluding, “I pray that your soul will rest in eternal peace till we meet again. Bye bye!”

The family announced that Jahmby’s burial will take place today, Friday, June 14, at Langata Cemetery.

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