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Njambi Koikai: On a Mission After 19-Year Battle for Her Life

"The youth and women need expert guidance and support on how to plan, fund, start and run successful businesses, where they can employ themselves and others. They need access to finance on patient and reasonable terms, to enable them to start and run these successful businesses," Njambi shared.

Njambi Koikai Returns to Radio After Fight for Her Life

Njambi has been off the air for 6 years and was excited to announce her return on her Instagram page.  1n 2018, Njambi was in and out of hospitals as she battled Endometriosis. She managed to raise funds and travelled to the United States to seek medical attention. After a number of surgeries and procedures, Njambi has been doing well health-wise.

Heart-rending photo of ailing Njambi Koikai moves Kenyans

Former QFM host says she has been in hospital in the US for two weeks now and had four chest tubes inserted and also needs a walker to go to the bathroom and for physiotherapy