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DCI: Two Arrested in a Drug Sting in Kilindini

The undercover operation by Anti-Narcotics officers from Kilindini began at around 1:00 AM.

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Police officers yesterday managed to arrest two people accused of smuggling and selling cannabis (bhang) in a series of rapid early morning raids in Kilindini, the main part of the Port of Mombasa, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said.

The sting operation by Anti-Narcotics officers from Kilindini began around 1:00 AM when they were trailing the suspect as he loitered at the Likoni matatu station, impatiently waiting for a delivery from Tanga in Tanzania.

“As the clock struck 6:00 AM, Collins Omondi seized the parcel and discretely stowed it in his Subaru Treza,” said DCI.

The officers then tailed the vehicle up to Fazuka Apartment Complex in Utange Solian, where they swiftly arrested the unsuspecting smuggler.

“A meticulous search in his vehicle uncovered a cleverly concealed manilla sack, camouflaged with a mound of oranges,” police officials said. “Upon closer examination, the sack was found to harbour 14kg of dry greenish plant material, arousing strong suspicion of the illicit drug, Bhang.”

Following that, the suspect led the investigators to the house of another Halima Masudi Hassan, who, the officials said, ran the drug network from her home here in the apartment.

Along with the second suspect, the police seized more bhang weighing 12kg after searching the house.

With the exhibit, the two were whisked away to police cells awaiting arraignment in court for violating drug laws.

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