Pauline Omirera in the United States
Pauline Omirera in the United States [Photo/]

When Pauline Omirera speaks, her modulated voice carries authority demanding undivided concentration. Humanity, hope, healthy living, love and Jesus are words that come out naturally from within her soul.

In her 40’s while residing in the United States of America (USA), Omirera decided to go back to school. She studied nursing. A career that aligns with her passion for serving those who need help. This was the genesis of a vision to build a health and wellness center back in Kenya.

“The thoughts of people suffering gave birth to the project, Heavens Hands of Hope. This was a difficult decision because I am comfortable, with my job, family, and everything that God has bestowed me. But, what is being in comfort if other human beings are suffering?” poses Omirera.

In 2018, the mother of three visited the country and delve into the statistics of preventable deaths related to; poor sanitation and nutrition, dirty water, unhygienic living conditions, and the lack of knowledge. And the findings gave her a light bulb moment for the health and wellness center.

Riagumo Health and Wellness Centre

“Last year, I got a strong impression to come back, bring hope and do something for my community after looking at the statistics of needless death. First I prayed about it, shared the idea with my prayer partner Shyama Perera and other prayer warriors in my circle,” narrates Omirera.

Omirera sensitizing Riagumo residents during health camp
Omirera sensitizing Riagumo residents during health camp [Photo/Brenda Gamonde]

Like-minded people in the US and Kenya showed interest in the project. Others committed to donating resources to enable the operation of the noble project.

“I got land donations from Nairobi County and Ongata Rongai but the locations did not match the mission of the project. My brother who passed away this year suggested a rural setting,” Omirera narrates.

The project board of directors acquired a four-acre land in Nyamarambe Town, Kisii County. The piece of land met the expectations of Omirera.

“I was envisioning this place that was healing in itself by being away from the city and pollution. A safe haven for the sick,” she adds.

According to Omirera, Riagumo Health and Wellness Center will specialize in areas of prevention and wellness through various programs. The project team will strive to enhance the health and well-being of families in Riagumo and its surrounding areas. “Above all the services offered will point people to Jesus Christ,” adds Omirera.


The wellness center is being built and runs through donations from well-wishers and the members of the project. 

Members of the Heavens Hands of Hope project
Members of the Heavens Hands of Hope project [Photo/Brenda Gamonde]

“The biggest source of funding in this project is God Himself. He is our inspiration and He owns the world, the Bible says in Psalm 24:1-2 that “The earth is the LORD’s and all its fullness,” she notes.

She has further shared her idea of the wellness center with few established organizations with some boarding to enable Omirera to achieve her humanity dream.

“Moreover, we are looking for other partnerships with big corporations that are willing to help the needy. I have a team that is now active in it, the project has been registered in social services then I had to approach bigger organizations like Wildwood in the US and ADRA Kenya, who are now our affiliates” she explains.

Spiritual Nurse

Omirera whose nickname is ‘Spiritual Nurse’ says they settled on the Heavens Hands of Hope title as the center will offer more than just healthy living services and education.

“I have come to love Jesus as my Savior and Lord and realized that He wants me to introduce others to Him and get them ready for His soon return. My passion is to reach others for Christ,” Omirera told Business Today.

Omirera points out that her inspiration and motivation to carry on with the project comes from God. She depends and draws strength from Him.

“Little is much when it is in God’s Hands, that is what I usually tell people. All we have to do is have the will. Once we have the will there is away. The wellness center will be faith-based. With God, I know nothing is impossible,” says Omirera.

First Health Camp

As the saying goes, charity begins at home, the first health camp Omirera conducted was in her home town. She brought together a team of over 20 people from the US and Kenya and hosted them in her rural home.

“The challenge was to put together this trip and build a house for the team on where they will stay. It was just through prayer and to some extent I had to go out and borrow some money, put it up within a year, and it has hosted more than 20 people in the first trip,” she says.

The churches in the region opened the doors for the medical camps. The locals received medical tests and sensitization in the prevention and management of chronic ailments.

Omirera and her team members examining a local during health camp in Riagumo [Photo/Brenda Gamonde]

“We have learned that some of the residents saying that not drinking water is a hereditary condition. We talked to some people who responded, ‘Oh, I don’t like water, my grandmother never liked water and she lived for long’. These together with the availability of unclean water cause ailments like high blood pressure,” notes Omirera.

These myths, according to Omirera, are the reason behind many mysterious deaths, whereby in some cases people die in their sleep or collapse while working.

“Since I am a health care profession I know that the root cause can be hypertension that can cause a heart attack, and hypertension is a silent killer. That is one that has moved me to do what I am doing. The statistics that we took on the blood pressure are very alarming cases. Some blood pressures are over 200 with a diastolic pressure of 100 which is really bad. If the center was up and operational we would have taken some in-patients right away,” explains Omirera.


“When I am working for humanity, I work until I can’t work anymore. I always think of human suffering and how I can be of help. I want to do that until I have no energy to do it anymore. No retirement plans for me, I will retire when I am dead,” says Omirera.

The US-based nurse expects to have a reduction in mortality rate, happier and healthy lives in a three-year period after the set up of the center. The design of the project is anticipated to be sustainable for generations.

Elderly Couple looking inside goodies bags in Nyamarambe [Photo/Brenda Gamonde]

Omirera who is in her fifty’s is strong-willed and energetic to continue working for humanity and God as long as she is alive.

“I am known to be very resilient, and very strong-willed that I can press on, no matter what towards the goal. I know who has inspired me to do this and I know where it is going and I know it is not for me or about me,” says Omirera.


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