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Revealed: Jacque Maribe’s Role in 2nd Season of Eric Omondi’s Wife Material

Season one of the show was filled with controversy

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Former Citizen TV presenter Jacque Maribe is expected to feature in season two of Eric Omondi’s “Wife Material”, according to the comedian. The two have been in a relationship before and have a child together.

Speaking in an interview with Massawe Jappani, Eric stated that Maribe would feature on the show as an advisor, with roles including advising the contestants. 

“She will be the one talking to the girls, explaining to them what Eric likes and what he does not like. She will be giving them tips on how to win my heart,” he said 

Eric explained that he could get a wife at anytime but wanted to meet his wife through the show. He will be turning 40 in two years.

Eric’s ex-girlfriend Chantal was also reportedly lined up to feature in the show. Eric, however, stated that she would not participate as she was out of the country. Chantal recently revealed her new boyfriend months after breaking up with Eric.

Wife material season one participants with Erick

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Season one of the show was filled with controversy. It got mixed reviews, including some negative reactions after some people claimed that Erick was using the ladies who were taking part.

Carol of Band Beca won the show and married Eric, although the comedian later revealed that the show was fully scripted.

Omondi disclosed that he lost a significant chunk of his earnings from social media after sponsors pulled out over his show. Omondi revealed that several companies, among them a betting firm, pulled away from him citing various ethical concerns.

Omondi however noted that he currently has eight lucrative endorsement deals that Wife Material clawed back adding to commercial gains he made in 2020 courtesy of the surge in online content consumption following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Eric said that the applications for the show would be opened on the 26th of February 2021. He will be picking 5 ladies from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda each.

The ladies should be 23 years and above, willing to get married and must not be in an active marriage. 

The show will officially debut on the 2nd of March and will run for one month.

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