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Ksh29B Hustlers Fund: Ruto Plots New Kitty to Woo Voters

Each of the 290 constituencies would get Ksh100 million for small businesses

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Deputy President William Ruto has assured supporters of Ksh100 million in interest-free loans for each constituency for ‘Hustlers’ if he is elected president in 2022.

In the Ksh29 billion pledge, each of the 290 constituencies would get Ksh100 million.

Small scale traders and business starters such as handcart pushers grocers and Boda Boda operators in the constituencies would benefit from the Deputy President’s promise. Ruto asserted that it was central to his proposed bottom up approach to economic development.

Addressing supporters in Kilifi County after attending a service at the All Saints Church Mtwapa Parish accompanied by his wife Rachael and several politicians, the DP highlighted the government’s ability to allocate millions to the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NGCDF).

In similar regard, Ruto suggested funds should be set aside for small scale traders to expand their businesses, arguing that it would eventually increase the government’s revenue.

File image of Deputy President William Ruto
File image of Deputy President William Ruto

“When I talk about changing the way things are done in this country to help the small traders, some people get angry with me.

“I do not say what I do not know. I have thought about it and I know it can be done,” he added.

Denying claims that he was behind incitement of Kenyans through the ‘Hustlers’ movement, Ruto stated: “We are not violent people. I want to change the way we are doing politics in this country by giving serious priority to the small man.” 

In retort, during a meeting with officials of Kenya Universities Students’ Organisation (KUSO), ODM leader Raila Odinga stated: “The idea of a hustler and dynasty does not exist in our country. All the leaders that we have had before are all hustlers. What is so special about somebody, because he was selling chicken? How does that make you different from President Kibaki who was a turn boy and Mzee Kenyatta who was a meter reader?”

He further insisted that the word hustler had been taken out of context by individuals using it for their own personal gain to delude the youth who continue to languish in poverty and wallow in a state of hopelessness.

The DP also noted that Sh600 million had been set aside for a dual carriageway in Mtwapa to ease traffic.

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