NAIROBI Thursday, Jan. 12 (JACKAL NEWS) – Chinese state dragon, CCTV Africa and “I LOVE AFRICA” slogan, has officially kicked off its African offshoot, a news productions centre based in Kenya that focuses on African news and perspectives as well as international news. CCTV Africa will initially produce a one-hour program every day, broadcast through CCTV’s English news channel.

The main focus will be on news, but will also feature interviews with leading newsmakers and documentaries. The reports will cover the political, economic, social and cultural aspects in the entire African region. At the same time, CCTV’s mobile TV application “I LOVE AFRICA” is also officially launching after six months of broadcast testing. Designed as a brand new platform for Africans to learn more about China and the world, CNTV, the Online Broadcast Centre of CCTV, allows viewers in Africa to watch documentaries, educational programmes, TV dramas and films through mobile terminal devices.

To mark the occasion, a launch ceremony was held in the Kenyan capital Nairobi on Wednesday. During the launch ceremony, CCTV Vice President Sun Yusheng,Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Liu Guangyuan, Permanent Secretary Dr. Bitanga Ndemo and Minister Samuel L.Poghisioof Ministry of Information and Communication of Kenya, Kenya’s Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, delivered their speeches in a show of mutual appreciation. In attendance were also guests from all circles of Kenya as well as more than 100 Chinese citizens currently working in Kenya.

The officials joined the locals to play a Chinese drum and an African drum to represent the long-lasting friendship between China and Africa. Before the ceremony, CCTV’s Vice President Sun Yusheng met with Vice President of Kenya to exchange their best wishes for the new project. Sun introduced the development of CCTV’s global news coverage capabilities and the establishment of overseas correspondent bureaus, while Musyoka expressed his hope for the successful launch of CCTV Africa.

The launch of CCTV Africa marks CCTV’s successful establishment of its broadcast network over the African continent. CCTV Africa has about one hundred employees from different culture backgrounds. They are young, energetic and professional. Many of them are Kenyan citizens. In order to ensure high-quality programming, CCTV Africa is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including two HD broadcasting studios.

The CCTV Africa News Production centre is considered a vital step in expanding CCTV’s global news coverage capabilities. It is also regarded as a crucial measure towards the completion of CCTV’s global news gathering network to enhance the competitiveness of CCTV. In addition, CCTV Africa will provide a platform for its Chinese audience to better understand Africa and promote the China-Africa friendship so that the real China can be introduced to Africa, and the real Africa can be presented to the world.


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