Gordon Paul Ogada, the guy from Kibera who won the SportPesa Mega Jackpot worth Ksh230,742,881 two weeks ago, is has offered free advice to fellow gamblers in their quest to hit the top prize. The 30-year-old placed a bet worth Ksh100 for the many millions – the highest in SportPesa’s history –  but when asked about his secrets, he never hesitated to share the tactics.

Here are some of them:

Have a laptop: It is possible but not easy to place a bet via phone, especially if you want to beat all deadlines on all bookmakers. The newest millionaire in town Ogada knows this very well that’s why he has a personal laptop, albeit old. “With a laptop, you can vividly see all the odds on the wider screen and make easy e********s using the bigger buttons unlike phones which have smaller screens. I’m living evidence of the trick having won the Mega Jackpot from my old laptop,” he said.

Install WI-FI: We all know that you can bet using the USSD messages — for phones which cannot access internet or when your bundles have run out. However, it’s not the best option since you’re confined to particular odds in most cases.  Having realised this, a majority of investors strive to have their phones equipped with data bundles all the time. With internet in mind, Ogada, a father of two sons, provides a hidden secret which will definitely empower your b*****g experience.

“In this era, we all need internet connection. It’s even the best thing to have for b*****g. That’s what I use and it has offered me uninterrupted b*****g opportunity. I bet anytime I want.”

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Ignore external analysis: The millionaire says he does his analyses personally. He creates time to watch a number of matches, reads clubs’ histories and makes individual predictions.

Confidence: “Self-confidence is very important in b*****g. After analysing my games, I feel satisfied and hopeful of winning. I don’t get swayed by tension. That way, I can place more bets,” the Jackpot winner revealed, adding, “Even after I was announced the jackpot winner, I still placed bets and won Ksh200,000.”

Make b*****g a hobby: You must place bets frequently to stand a chance of winning. Like in a day, you should place not less than three bets, one of which must be a multi-bet. But where do you get all that time? Now that’s where Gordon Ogada chips in to help. He says b*****g must be your hobby, something you do every minute you’re not at work.

“Don’t waste any minute out of work with nothing meaningful. Let that time be meant for b*****g, but of course responsibly, such that you don’t get drained in it. Make b*****g a hobby and do it responsibly,” he says. (Source: SDE)

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