Prado caught with bang
This car was involved in road accident nd on close scrutiny police found chang'aa. PHOTO / The Star

Police in Tigoni are investigating a case in which a car belonging to Kenya Urban Road Authority was found to have been transporting chang’aa before it rolled at Rironi area along Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

Police recovered 400 litres of chang’aa which were packed in plastic containers and polythene bags was found in the Toyota Prado.

Area OCPD Mohammed Bakuli confirmed that the vehicle was heading towards Nairobi from Western region, when the driver l**********l and rolled on Saturday night.

Bakuli said the driver and unknown number of occupants fled after the a******t happened.

“The driver l**********l of the vehicle, and it rolled. All the occupants run away. Our officers didn’t find anyone at the scene except the onlookers and other motorists” Bakuli said.

Traffic police led by base commander Johnbosco Mulei arrived at the scene after a short while, to clear the huge traffic jam since the vehicle had landed at the middle of the road.

Some witnesses alleged that the driver of the parastatal was d***k, and was with a female passenger who had a baby since she left her open shoes and a baby shoal inside the car.

“We heard a loud bang when the car was rolling and when we rushed at the scene, we heard a lady saying they should go to the hospital as quickly as possible. They were staggering. They declined to talk to anybody” said Eric Kamau, watchman at Rironi.

“We called the police to inform them of the i******t and they arrived after very few minutes” he revealed.

Later, the vehicle was towed to Tigoni police station, where the police are investigating the source of the illicit brew, who authorised the brew to be transported.


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