KANU chairman Gideon Moi and secretary-general Nick Salat have rejected the Kericho by-election results.

KANU yesterday claimed Jubilee is acquiring ‘sophisticated computer programmes’ in readiness to rig the 2017 general election, and deployed it in Kericho to steal its victory in the recent senate by-election. The independence party alleged the ruling alliance is already in the process of establishing command centres for the ‘latest technology aided electoral fraud’.

“We are aware Jubilee people are buying sophisticated computer programmes and materials to establish their command centres to steal the 2017 polls,” said KANU Secretary General Nick Salat at a press conference at the Party headquarters in Nairobi.

According to KANU, the computer softwares will be manned by Jubilee technology experts to manipulate election results in the next polls. KANU leaders said the ruling alliance experimented the technology in the just concluded Senate by-election in Kericho where, they said, the geometrical progression (GP) mathematical formula was deployed to manipulate results.

GP, is a sequence where each new term after the first is obtained by multiplying the preceding term by a constant, not zero, called the common ratio.

“The geometrical progression was used to by JAP to generate data through a computer programme,” said Salat.

He was accompanied by KANU chairman and Baringo senator Gideon Moi, former assistant minister Magerer Lang’at and Paul Sang, who was KANU’s candidate for the Kericho by-election.  At any given time during the tallying exercise, the JAP candidate votes were constantly double those of the KANU candidate, Salat said.

He rejected the Kericho Senate by-election in which IEBC announced JAP’s Aaron Cheruiyot the winner with 109, 358 votes against Sang’s 56,307 votes.  “In essence what those manipulated results did amounted to a controlled experiment such that, for every genuine vote that the Kanu candidate received, the manipulation system awarded the JAP candidate one and half votes,” KANU claimed.

Salat said the formula ensured that certain amount of votes fairly garnered by Sang were migrated to the JAP candidate through a computer aided data generation system.

The IEBC says the allegations by KANU on Kericho by-election are appalling. “It was properly conducted and met the threshold of free and fair elections,” it said on its Twitter account.

He said KANU had used statisticians to audit the Kericho by-election results and established that Sang won the election with 126,493 votes against Cheruiyot’s 38,162 votes. The rest of the other candidates garnered a combined vote of 2,510 after our statisticians studied the pattern of the results as they were being transmitted live, Kanu claimed.

KANU accused IEBC of having deliberately abdicated its duty to oversee the exercise to ensure it was free, fair and transparent. “We as KANU and our campaign team declare that the by-election was rigged and IEBC was totally compromised and complacent to save face for some senior politician in the region,” Salat said.

Therefore, KANU said, Kericho has two senators: “One a numeric system generated senator in the name of Aaron Cheruiyot and the People’s senator Paul Sang.”

KANU rejected IEBC’s claim that the mini-poll was marred with poor Internet connectivity saying the assertion by the agency cannot hold water as it contradicts the ‘supersonic speed’ at which results were being transmitted live.

“Results transmitted by IEBC did not indicate respective polling stations as is the norm indicating that the those results were not coming from polling stations in Kericho but were coming from a command centre far away from Kericho,” Kanu said.

Asked if they will be moving to court to challenge the poll outcome, Salat said the current judicial system guarantees no justice but added they are still consulting their lawyers. Sang said he will continue serving the people of Kericho as their ‘senator’ from the outside the formal senate.

“They stole the votes but they did not steal the hearts of the people of Kericho I am their choice and will work with them,” he said adding that his agents were locked out until 10am to allow for mischief.

He said form 35A given to agents at the polling stations were pre-filled with similarity in handwritings. (The Star)



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